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  1. @Structure i Didn't get my EC yet D'':
  2. Exactly. Also the item have a decent range price. Because if i have the craft system for .. hmm Corgi Mount 100m + 75 event materials Why i'll pay 1B for that mount!? They will be in a decent price. also: If the gamble cube comes, add pls those item to list: Pet toy Kick Slot Expansion Inventory expansion 3 days VIP salent agent
  3. +1 But an idea. I thing Will be good if they add a box for open BUT NOT WITH ED PLS. It can be: x1 box+event material when you finish a dungeon of your level Or just material for crafting the box (no high price like 2.5m per box LOL) The box can contain the cube that has the full set. I like it so much that Ain has almost all the sets that you show here. If you want, add the Corgi mount on there, everyone likes that mount. The box can contain: potions, New accessories, cube sets, poses (can be select ones for the event), sit poses, corgi/fox mount etc (nothing that can ruin anything that is farmed through PvE) Also for the people who don't have good RNG, they can put the mount/cubes on the crafting system too. The prices won't be high then, They will be in a decent price range. Imagine that we need to pay 3b or more for the Corgi mount because no one gets it. Or 500m for an event set cube for the same reason. We just want a very good event :c Void is very boring these days. The pet toy for craft will be good, and others things. If you think the box idea is good, please notice me o3o.
  4. @Structure thank you for noticed me. ill do that later or tmr D: because i'm not at home atm T^T
  5. Contest: Voids Designer*Theme: Your Favorite Color!Description: Dress your character as your favorite color <3 Be original and creative!Additional Detail: - Contest: Voids Designer*Theme: Planets~Description: Dress your character as a planet! (Can be A fictional planet from a story(You should use a reference))Additional Detail: - Contest: Void designer*Theme: Fears!!Description: Which one is your fear? Maybe a Insect? Thieves, loneliness or death? Dress your character as your fear!! Contest: Void designer*Theme: Picnic day!Description: it's a perfect day to go out and do a picnic day with Friends! What you'll wear for it? Dress your character for a picnic! Contest: Void designer*Theme: cartoons!Description: Do you remember those cartoons like Tom and jerry or bugs bunny?! Dress your character as a cartoon!
  6. Too many good ideas! but what about add this too: El resonance point (Use for reset one resonance point) 25~50 Piece will be good (idontknowtbh) El resonance point (use for reset resonance point in 1 category) justsayqq
  7. BUMP! WE NEED IT FAST OMG! when you have 2k of those materials, is not good!
  8. 2min ea o: A good idea is use the hyper+ battle elixir. When the hyper's CD end then use other and that's it C: If you have essence of course owo.