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  1. game went beyond point of fixing long ago its not even about nerfing or buffing classes anymore but fuck etw anyway
  2. basically "more free shit"? i mean the only difference between this and doing your daily quests is that doing your daily quests actually requires effort
  3. if you think bringing everyone down to the same stat level makes things balanced then you should try out ereda
  5. i'm really having a hard time wrapping my head around this post, is this a surprise to you?? or do you think looking at logs is what GMs aren't supposed to do or smth???
  6. even if you did have enough authority as a rep to find out what's really going on, you most probably will not even be able to disclose the info. or at least not fully. void policy has always been such that they cannot fully be transparent with ban processes- probably partially because it would expose information like how they retrieve logs and the sort which would without a doubt be invaluable information for hackers/botters and etc. or due to other things like protecting the person who filed the report. if you want the gap between players and staff to decrease then you would have to take away the wall that is censorship in the first place. but realistically? that is a step too costly for void to make. you are risking the longevity of the server over bits of drama here and there that will cool down in a few hours or days.
  7. s/o to that one bluhen who wouldnt leave despite me having both host and mvp s/o to all the AeS who aggro every fucking thing without killing them
  8. selchi summed it up quite nicely 7~8:100 is a pretty farmable rate, i'd rather spend some more time farming than to waste my money
  9. why not just suggest to create another broken ring with crit dmg instead. am sure stats can be edited
  10. so basically, you don't want to make it accessible to normal people to defend flex value?
  11. bold of u to assume that most people don't want passive stats of 5% boss dmg, 5% atk/atked, 5% crit dmg and 10% skill dmg only reason why people go for looks in the first place is because they are so fucking hard (or even literally unfair) to obtain in the first place, which brings us back to square 1
  12. dunno if SDs have lower drop on average but i am comfortably getting 3 per run on average off varnimyr/11-4 there are empty runs but there are also runs where i get up to 6
  13. because u have to leave dungeon to claim instead of F8, which causes a lot of time to be wasted on queuing outside of a 4 man premade party
  14. they were able to keep a counter in the police vs punks event, and that was measuring by consumables used + they were able to filter out participators who voted for police and punks so an event in a similar style is not out of the question
  15. +1, though the stat values seem a bit weird just change it to the % you want instead of "565" or etc then start farming the other one. the point of the suggestion is to encourage people to farm SDs in the first place, not give free OP effects to players who already have the titles.