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  1. Solace Black Shades (Poll)

    it's up there in the suggestions guidelines, void cannot implement custom costumes/accessories
  2. was bored enough to sort everyone into the fate classes lul

    Saber -

    LK, RS, IS, BM, VC, GrM, BH

    Lancer -

    SD, YR, AS

    Archer -

    IS, GA, WS, NW, TT, NB, RG, FR, STr, ATh

    Rider -

    CEm, AS, CH, STr, Opt (not sure about VP?)

    Caster -

    RS, EM, VP, DW, CBS, MM, DiE, DB, EE, AP

    Assassin -

    WS, NW, DC, RG, DL, DM, CN, CRo 

    Berserker -

    RF, IP, DC, YR, CrA, LP, DiE, DM, CH

    Ruler -


    Avenger -

    CrA, AP

    1. Jochira


      Damn it, my main is there twice XD 

    2. JeanneAlter


      you forgot Ruler NB

    3. SugoiHentai


      i thought about putting her there, but definition of "ruler" in that verse is more closer to "judge" and is usually given to usually saint-like figures with huge missions or those with a stronger sense of justice, which isn't really lu-like since in all 3 if her classes she's been seeking revenge against demons

      the only other class who could potentially qualify is SD but because of her actions she's more closer to an avenger but against demons instead 

  3. give everyone ain's coat physics and fix elboy's model especially his feet, what the fuck is this even also delete cbs's energetic heart
  4. Make Salt great again!

    +1, and while we're on this topic can oberon mount be deleted from that exchange too? it's so easy to get them with hero coins these days. the only mount that's worth is the red fox which is like 200m, i hardly see the other mount on the market too
  5. [Official] Void Event Discussion thread

    for VD, are you allowed to use titles not normally obtainable on void, or even server-specific titles?
  6. Character Slots

    then why are you talking as if you're speaking on behalf of void staff? if you wanted to -1 at least bring up a point about why having more character slots would be detrimental to the server, other than a reason which you do not even have the power nor knowledge to back it up with it's not as if we're asking for them to expand for free??? other people increasing character slots literally does not affect you??? if you don't want them, don't buy it??? besides, how does the void having "better things to do" invalidate this suggestion? i mean yeah, they have mailbox bug and other stuff to work on too. but that's a completely different case, and it does not, in any way, undermine the validity of this suggestion. if you are rejecting the suggestion based on the attitudes of people who are fed up of bumping with no reply, then unlike your first post, yes, you are definitely here to deliberately fuck with us.
  7. Character Slots

    spot the contradiction hint:
  8. Rate and discuss your elsword classses!

    +11 type-void Mastermind Burst: S - reason being starfall is reliant on DA + both SF and UF being damage over short time rather than insta-casted. realistically, his options are PA, panzer, psionic, which can be supported by SF or UF. his damage is still pretty high despite the limitations, so i'd give him an S. DPS: SS+ - as an MM with reaper i can honestly say he has absurdly high mp gain/damage from ZZXX due to high proc rate. plus his heavy hitters have relatively low cooldown (UF being 13-ish seconds and starfall about 22 seconds, and they both last about 7 seconds in which you are free to use commands. it's also very easy to support strength stacking by cycling between UF/SF/void breaker/panzer, along with forcefield support. Mobbing: SS - he has flexible mobbing options between flick disc, panzer, UF, psionic, seeker or even starfall (with and without DA)/neutron bomb/stasis. however, full effectiveness in MM mobbing depends on whether mobs are closely grouped or not due to small AoE- skills like UF, SF, and flick disc can do extremely high damage depending on how closely packed the mobs are. luckily, he has neutron as a commodity to support this (neutron+UF being a staple combo since UF's critical trait bypasses the knockdown damage reduction caused by neutron). he also has panzer which has above average adjustable range for a mobbing skill, angle it right and you can even clear a large section with it. for a strength stacking MM, he can easily use his strength skills to mob as well (force field/VB on top of panzer/UF/SF) Field/Room clearing: SS - MM may even outspeed CBS in this portion assuming there aren't any tanky mobs (like in bethma SD's 1st stage in the cave) due to phantom seeker. he also has situational room clears like psionic & neutron, and infinite range sniping from apocalypse. in a situation like hamel SD's shadow stage where there are a large number of weak mobs, he can outdo apos, but will probably be beat by CBS due to EN's extended duration, though he can wipe out the entire room before anyone can do anything with psionic if you wait out the mobs to fully spawn. however, in most map situations, he is outplayed by requiem rein EE or reflexion+abgrund Apos, who also have cooldown passives to back up their clearing in addition to long vertical mobbing/clearing skills (windhose/schmerz). moreover it is unlikely that his clearing is supported by ERP or stacking gloves, since most would opt to pool everything in strength. Bossing: S - though he suffers from low bulk/tankiness, he can keep a safe distance away (add's float-hold) while dishing out high damage thanks to DA-starfall's location insensitivity + mid-range skills like UF or panzer, which also doubles as extensive i-frames. however he still has to approach from time to time. he doesnt suffer from size dependence for his skills, though he does lose quite a lot of damage from starfall if the boss is especially mobile (e.g. heroic victor, kenta, and to some extent ran). his enormous DPS does warrant him at least an S grade though. Party Play: S - MM is able to sufficiently keep up with others in party play. first and foremost is phantom seeker, which places him ahead of even the likes of CBS when it comes to clearing out trash mobs. you can also UF/starfall and move on to other mobs, which will make whiffing in party play rare, in addition to being able to easily deal with flying mobs which may pester team members. he also has neutron for grouping (or neutron + UF combo for higher damage), though that may serve to annoy in some instances when used wrongly. plus force field buff, which gives pretty nice bonuses in p.atk/m.atk, mp gain on hit/attacked, and awk. charge. additionally it doesn't miss like airelinna since it lasts from 10~30 seconds. however, he falls behind in terms of damage contribution during geared play in instances such as fast heroic running, since his best skills are damage over time. he can use panzer, psionic and particle in an attempt to keep up, but panzer gets no cooldown support so it must be used strategically + knocks down/back pretty far away while psionic is slow and both psionic and PA get no ERP or stacking support in the typical strength build. Secret Dungeon: i'm not really sure how to rank this, i'd give an SS for myself due to experience + memorized maps but for most people it might be S Henir: SS, with high proc rate to support mp usage even in challenge mode. only problem is his tank. Heroic: S, again the only problem is his tank, which is a lot more prominent in the face of mobs and bosses who can OHKO you. nothing you can't solve with 50 hp/mp ERP investment with cronus's blessing though, or by simply killing everything before they touch you. Fusion Theory: SS idk i have a pretty mechanical style/approach which lets me clear the dungeon comfortably in a formulaic manner. personally he does have difficulty lowering the timing for speedrunning (without choco orbs) due to long cast speed + DPS based skills i'm not very comfortable with giving him a minimum S for everything idk, but i can't really categorize cast speed in many other areas other than burst, plus he has ways to support that particular section which brings him to a slightly shaky S. i'll probably come back to revise it later.
  9. RM/RMr being the NEXT rotation.

    even if it's unlikely i'd +1 for the heck of it ain can smd
  10. ! Change IB system ! Lets get back our IB price qwq

    i'd want the cube system here, but perhaps not keeping certain pieces locked away in the crafting system aside from that, idk if these suggestions would really lower prices like you claim- i would assume KR IB prices are probs more so like that because of higher supply from a bigger population burning/cashing + lower ED rates. it would certainly help ain/rose/eve/ara players stabilise prices though.
  11. Refund Event Suggestion [Update]

    pretty sure the buff affects ED too. it was quite awhile ago, but i ran bethma SD without void buff a few times and i only got 200-300k ED as opposed to the usual 1m++. 3m per run (or 6m, in the case of sander) would be ridiculous. -1 for that +10 especially with that low AF ED cost since hackers can literally run a bot on 4-Y and call it a day. at least keep it locked behind rng or smth, or increase ED cost and reduce run amounts, idk. not very keen on the prospect of craft-able +10 in general.
  12. So...possible or not?

  13. The unofficial VoidEls PvE tierlist!

    ^ this. you also didn't state why/how certain classes get the ranking they deserve, which may be why some classes are horribly misrepresented in the first place.