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  1. +1 tradeable class change tickets have been wanted for awhile now but have been unable to be implemented bc of technical issues, if this item can get over the issue then we definitely should have it
  2. i was stalking the board last night. there were mithril crystals going all the way from 8m to 15m, and then this guy came in with his own brand of 5m crystals the confusing thing about this is that after a couple of moments, the ones priced above 5m all disappeared while this person's mithril crystal amount increased by a lot. it's like he bought them over just to sell at 5m
  3. it's a probably a bug
  4. easiest way is buying them from the board, but theyre overpriced but if you have sufficient enough naeun tickets, you can use naeun tickets to craft superstar gamble box for 3.5m each each box you open, you'll get a reward along with a material used for exchanges 15 of those materials will get you an untradeable +8 scroll. so total cost would be about 60~ish tickets(?) and 53.5m depending on what reward you get, you can potentially refund the cost used to craft the boxes in the first place another way is using void coins from henir normal daily quests. 10 of those coins will give you one +8 scroll for free however i wouldnt recommend it as waiting out 5 more days will let you craft a +9 scroll, provided you have 400 henir mats, 180 barrier frags and 75mil
  5. thank you for the response ran R> lock @Structure @Poppy
  6. bump - added new polling option as per what lordgostone posted
  7. it is tho i was coming up with a place to add it in but i forgot about it kek
  8. you're supposed to be able to at altera BS npc, but the option is not there
  9. doesn't make a difference for me tbh... i just want something to be done so it doesnt go to waste. we were supposed to have this option and yet we don't
  10. old fluos are different from new fluos though? for one, you can't use it to upgrade +10 --> +11 and beyond edit 2: its true & old fluos may have different success rates and pricings so idk
  11. it should be available on altera npcc but it isn't on void anyway R>lock, moved to suggestions @Structure @Poppy
  12. specifically, the ones that use the old fluorites to upgrade it's there on officials but absent on void source: elwiki here is how it looks like on void and here's how it looks like on NA (thanks @Ramia) and it also seems like we're kinda missing a bit of the update? but what i only want is an option for the old enhancement process, the others are not so important since we have free level up gear it's on officials so i don't see why we can't have it :(((( save me i cant use any of these thank you for reading 17/5/2017 - Added new poll option - for old fluorites or new fluorites
  13. she has not said anything about the cube, but you probably shouldn't count on it being bankshareable
  14. i got like 20+ of these but i cant find any bs to use it :frowning:
  15. recorded this awhile ago uhhh but around 2~2:30 on average now after about 100+ runs hunting for the wep strength stacking starfall is op