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  2. from what i hear/seen, the general consensus is that noblesse is the clear winner in both PvE and PvP. DM seems leaky and DL seems kinda.... average
  3. i changed Spirit Fall's bgm to pongo hideout BGM so i'm always there kog cannot separate me and my bby altera rest area
  4. golden rule number one is never to do anything that u dont want done to u

    golden rule number two is not to judge anyone unless u have been in exactly the same situation

    1. Jochira


      spread the wisdome the the whole Void community ♥

  5. content updates will always be done in huge lumps for a reason, what you're suggesting might not be feasible for them
  6. y do some people value their 'aesthetic' over other ppl hurting their eyes
  7. only thing redeeming about this job is the hot police officer nearby



    that face

    those arms

    arrest me officer

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    2. SugoiHentai


      good luck finding ur way through Adult and Life 

    3. Jochira
    4. Magnowser


      smack me with that arm

  8. metria r u ok.............

    1. SugoiHentai


      boku no pico..............

    2. Jochira


      mom's never ok, we need to take her to the mental hospital XD

    3. 666


      I'm just embracing my memes side,

      dark veder ain't kewl anymore..

      this is the age of BnP memes..

      *insert lenny face here*

  9. in your map check the continents with the chains on them it means you can do the secret dungeon for them there's Wally's Laboratory (Elder) Dragon Nest: Abyss (Besma) Transporting Tunnel: Contaminated Area (Altera) Velder's Hallucinations (Velder) Rage of Behemoth (Sander) and Grand Cavern (Ranox) only two will be open daily but you can do them repetitively and they give quite good EXP they're relatively easier than 10-6 but the bosses might be difficult for someone new always do it in a party because it'll take extremely long when soloing. there's usually quite a number of people spamming them so it isnt so it isn't really that hard to find a party if i have to spend 15~20 minutes soloing with a MM on +9 PK legend grade then it definitely is for +11 10-6 is in no way worth your time or resources if it takes that long
  10. it's not you that entire dungeon is just ridiculous and people say its easy lmao you should try clearing with a party for now do secret dungeons and farm equipment
  11. only issue i might have with this is that it might kill off SDs quite a bit. which kinda sucks considering new players go there for exp or starting-out-gear
  12. on void it's 100% cool 2 be a h8r no joke works evertim

    1. 666


      o well, I've been Inas*e and Ji*x h8r since forever,

      I'm a kewl kids 8D

    2. Jochira


      that's why I quitted Void tbh owo

    3. Magnowser
  13. so my friend is chinese and online shopping and the fken UK site rejected her mailing address because her surname only had two fucking letters and the site said MINIMUM 3 CHARACTERS

    1. SugoiHentai



    2. Jochira
    3. Minyoung


      Wow, that means they would reject me too lololol

      But try the Australian website!! We accept everyone ;~~; (((The shipping might cost an arm or two, 'cause ya know Aussielandia)))

  14. the novelty wore off a long time ago and at night sander and hamel (and possibly elysion) looks disgusting as hell so -1 if you wanted a dark city go to altera then. it's dark, very compact and convenient