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  1. Yeah, he’s funny xD. I like Chiaki Nanami and Nagito Komaeda ~
  2. Hello, and welcome to voidels forum :o Enjoy your stay ! ~ nice danganronpa profile picture btw
  3. Welcome to void ~ Enjoy your stay c: !
  4. Welcome back to void ! ~
  5. Haiya! Welcome to void els forum c: Enjoy your stay ~
  6. You and your profile are iconic :PepsiThumbsup: Truly a legend ~

  7. Welcome back to void c: and happy new year ~
  8. Hey Snow! I wish you the best in whatever you do next. I was really happy I was able to meet you before you quit. I will miss you a lot, but still msg you everyday c: ! Thanks for being my friend~
  9. Why are you leaving though? o:
  10. I won't take anything. After reading your story, I just hope that you find happiness. I don't think anyone can blame you if you thought you were mostly thinking about yourself. Life is so short that if you take time to care about everybody else and ignore yourself, you might die without being able to do what you want. I also don't think you are messed up really. Everyone makes mistakes, and we learn from those mistakes. The lesson we learn out of them will define who you will be in the future. I think you should slowly forget about everything that happened before and just be who you want to be. I think it's really wonderful that you made a public apology. I wish you the best in whatever you do! :3
  11. Hi Mathiiiii ~

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      It's a honor to meet you ~ I mean. Nice to meet you xD

      It is Neni btw. It is I

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      Mathi gimme discord ~ 

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      Added you ;D

  12. Welcome to the forum, sei. Enjoy your stay ~ (I love your profile picture by the way)
  13. Welcome back to Void. Enjoy your stay ~