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  1. I got enough of it! omg u guys made me insane! keep asking me to help u mtfers like I have time to do everything! fk that! fkfkfkfkfkfkfkfk I blame you guys im out!!! OUT!! like srsly! this is not humanity anymore but bullshit! *sighs* have an beautiful sht weekend bye.
  2. Waoh, thanks for the add. xD

  3. Thank you everyone i wish you all good luck and take care!
  4. Well everyone my stay on this forum/voidels came to a end and ofcourse i enjoyed every minute with you guys. I wanna thank everyone who follows me on instagram when i started i firstly had 983 followers now i end up with 1.054 thank you everyone thank you! Ofcourse i gonna miss chu all but i am busy with this game called life yup game is a life and we have our reason to complete it! look how amazing this game can be called life when i walk outside. Farewell and take care everyone and yes who hates me i wanna wish you a take care too! i even love the haters too i dont mind it. Emielio Prado
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    Hiya! welcome to void i hope you enjoy your stay.
  6. Thanks for the add! *^*)9

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      Haha you welcome!!! (:

  7. Heya! welcome to void i hope you enjoy your stay!
  8. Vic this is terrible! ugh i wish i could help but i cant do much ugh :c
  9. Hiya! why not? lets be friends then! (:
  10. Welcome to void!! *shakes hand with a smile* (:
  11. Hai o: Thanks for the add >//<

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      Hiya Natsukye you welcome! (:

  12. Thanks for the add; you look amazing though I'm sure that's not your dream build. Stay fit and strong friend! :)

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      Thank you sir. (:

  13. Hiya welcome i hope you gonna enjoy this! (: