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  1. thanks for the Keroro Gunsou costume cube I missed the chance getting it now I can have it soon
  2. I don't fully understand what is polarize and I can't seem to find here on forums what is that thing so I need some enlightment to this
  3. is the previous sitting customization at Naeun gone?
  4. god,I didn't expect that Shaviana would arrive this early,but thanks void,time to make money even if it means I don't have to sleep :v (i don't even care about my work anyway)
  5. thanks for this info you saved my life
  6. what's the file size of the updated game?
  7. I have a small feeling that there'll be an huge update later,I just notice if it's stability maintenance it already happened,and Ran sipping coffee emoji is kinda fishy xD
  8. someone said you have to be level 10 I guess
  9. damn all my whole life I thought these MEL accessories are useless until I saw this..
  10. Add here on void,I actually don't know who to pick by that time, but I saw Add somewhere around on Facebook and just by looking at him made me say he's cool reminds me of Accelerator by that time xD then I think I somehow got bored of him then switched to Ara (Yama Raja) by that time,then I saw Elesis' path Crimson Avenger got hooked then main her when she released her on void ever since then still maining her now,Bloody Queen.. ALL HAIL THE GREAT BLOODY QUEEN
  11. finally a reason to play,thanks to all staff I can now get AD full!! even though I'm broke :v time to stay awake all night to get a lots of ED I honestly been waiting for AD
  12. so how much is the pose ? I've been saving my EC finally!!
  13. I wanna thank the staff for making me poor this month xD seriously,I wanna thank the staff for rotating Black Mesa time to spend some cash and ED!! *patiently waits for the event*
  14. I never thought I'd encounter someone who played flyff too,are you on private server before?
  15. can someone kindly posts the costume? specially for Elesis