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  1. Nattie

    Returning Playah

    IN > CT for PvE
  2. Nattie

    Returning Playah

    I mean like multihit shit like Innocent and Sariel classify as DPS cuz they're asking for best damage per second iirc KE is burst tho also IN = Innocent
  3. Nattie

    Returning Playah

    are they dps tho? i'd say that IN is pretty good for DPS if you're looking for purely that.
  4. tbh i'm getting so-so drops with void buff but my complaint ain't the drop rate
  5. bs mats are also expensive as hell and niggas act like you can get a +10 every try with the current mithril prices being 2-3m lol
  6. Nattie

    Suggestions for the current event

    god has answered our prayers
  7. Nattie

    Suggestions for the current event

    i dont really agree w/ the +10 suggestion. id rather the +10 be an exchange simply bc last year we got one free lol leave the hh/+11 as craftables, lower cost/crafting of HH and keep +11 as it is
  8. Nattie

    make frost shards tradeable

    not a lot of people do ereda* there is a small group of people who do.
  9. my winter core prolly gonna collect dust cuz i don't have 500m or the time for 999 shards to fork at a "christmas gift"
  10. also why do the shards drop in 11-2 but not 11-3 11-3 is going to be a hotspot during the event because of 2x title count and PtH
  11. having it up for a week defeats the purpose honestly
  12. tfw cobo pots so i can't stack them with my normal pots fuk u too >:(