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  1. idk how people are gonna feel about this I mean It'd be nice but people are gonna say it's abusable You should add a poll btw I'll +1 for rn
  2. is this guild a comeback? i think i've seen it before a while ago good luck to y'all~
  3. it says you're offline edit: nvm there we go!
  4. Nattie

    LF> Guild Pve

    come join archaic, we're a cool lil community n we're also active~
  5. Nattie

    PvE Guild

    come join us~
  6. Nattie

    Looking for Guild

    heya, everyone's welcome over here at Archaic if you'd like to join us~ we'd be glad to have you
  7. Nattie

    Rotate PD,PDr and VAKB ...

    i mean i agree but, isn't that p much the point of virus' thread
  8. Nattie

    [Weekly] Void's Designer

    Eve's Laby Inspired Wardrobe IGN: Nigga Items Used we tried.jpg