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  1. Oh it wasn't aimed you I'm sorry gfdhjjfj in/ct aren't utterly trash but they're not broken af either
  2. Without your remanent of fear stacks, they're literally just transc DL.
  3. Yeah there's a difference between good and broken
  4. Nattie

    looking for guild !

    I'd write something up but I'm really tired atm so I hope our thread is introducing & explanitory I hope you find a guild~
  5. I can't really think of any bc imo it'd depend on the event But I'd like them + the crafts ngl
  6. These were a lot of motivation tbh, but I'd also like a material craft along with it or some costume cubes in the pouches Preferably some for Laby :^(
  7. ngl to all y'all talkin about destruction tears it's basically just stronger heroic anyways and most people use heroic on alts iirc, i've asked yata about elrianode sets being banksharable; like what goes wrong apparently, it's like a type void weapon except worse so i'm assuming tears poof and don't come back & they haven't found a way to fix that. this has been suggested literally 15 times tho so @Structure @Xera @PhysicsTM @Shiryelle @Naivety
  8. any y'all stalkers wanna help me out by trading me EO combo Laby

  9. Y is it secret dungeons ;_; None of the bosses look good :^(