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  1. u human

  2. I mean everyone already this already but do you really think a rebellion thread will change anything no lol
  3. I mean what I said was pretty useful, they banned someone for breaking the rules Sorry I can believe they did it if they're related to someone who's done rmt lol
  4. All I can say is yikes Is this because of the banned for RMT thread
  5. me: says something true you: HiGh HoRsE ¿¿¿
  6. Oh yeah, staff is so corrupt if they ban someone for breaking the rules lol
  7. >my ign is literally nigga, that's why i'm even saying something
  8. so I'm taking it y'all don't like my IGN
  9. It was "no, because why should void give a shit about the community" or along those lines The other one said "no, other reason"