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  1. bump hippity hoppity this bump is now my property snooze u loose emi :^(
  2. internal screaming, i got this on my IN finally fjdkfjsk
  3. tfw i didn't see that before now lul
  4. do the renders n stuff used in master of graphics have to be elsword related? or can we use like anime chars or sth been wondering for a while
  5. It's still there, nani Inb4 my phone glitching
  6. -1 Sorry if I take a break, I'd rather not lose my IGNs lol You snooze, you lose
  7. Shouldn't the elrios idols scoreboard be moved to event archive-
  8. Hey, we're a lv14 PvE guild, we're kinda small but friendly, kinda active, pretty chill & we have a family-like community~