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  1. Typhlosion is just a Pokémon sergal.

  2. I hope you have a nice life IGN: Mienfoo May I have the heroes of speed ring Reason: I'm too poor to afford one
  3. When crimson rose players think their class is worth respecting when the damage on her is busted beyond belief
  4. Oh dont worry if you guys will still see me on discord and if u'd like to add me its Typh #1220
  5. Yaasss queen I will always stay on discord y'all memes give me life and slay me daily @Universal You better slay too along with Equi @Kaio You're a good friend mah dude and i like ur vids @ben I bean u buddy @Eru Shh buddy i appreciate ur friendship alot qwq @Yamazuki :^) I liked being in a guild with you for a while bud it was fun @Soma u were a good person as well and thank you @FangTastic ur meme'd buddy but i still appreciate u
  6. Sorry fam qwq Maybe I'll return for a day or two in the future I just dont see it happening soon fam
  7. Welp it was a good run but I'm leaving the forums and I probably wont return so I just wanted to shout a few people out before I go S/o to @Raichu Even though they muted you sweetie I'll still treasure the memories we had on this forum together and hope to make even sweeter ones with you in the future~ S/o to @Dion You were the realest girl i knew and you slayed me everyday. You rock fam S/o to @Kuradoberi You are a good friend my dude S/o to @Kotou i love ur twitch emotes uwu
  8. ♔ IGN | Class | Level : Floatzel DeadlyChaser Lv49 (currently) ♔ How old are you : 18 and my birthday is on 6/24 or June 24th ♔ What's your gender : Male ♔ How often do you play : Depends on if I have to help someone on NA but usually 2 hours or so ♔ Reason you wish to join : Guilds are fun and honestly its nice to talk to some guild mates every once and a while ( Optional ♔ Expectation upon joining : Surprise me. ( Optional ♔ Tell us about yourself : I like caffine ♔ Fluency in English : Native♔ Explain 'Your' meaning of life: Sweets and Love I guess, oh and spicy memes of course
  9. Happy birthday

    ~~going by what Skype says because ur ahead of me uwu~~

    1. Laventine


      Why not say it on skype then Typhy?
      But thank you

    2. Typhlosion


      cuz i was already here lurkin as usual uwu

    3. Laventine


      i see 

      well thanks again

  10. Alright, can you show me the full pic of your profile pic?

    1. Typhlosion
    2. ∂υ¢к αя¢нιвαℓ∂ ωιℓℓιαм

      ∂υ¢к αя¢нιвαℓ∂ ωιℓℓιαм


      I was just curious ackshully.


      BTW, where's that from?