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  1. are u gonna explain y he's wrong or just
  2. watch out apparently calling urself a trap is transphobic now lu l
  3. why do people pvp when they know their internet isnt good
  4. When you spend all that money on Elsword of course people are just going to use you for your money I don't know you personally but I wish you luck in life and never date anyone on this shitty game again also dont give e-girls money
  5. A nice revamp thanks I just want the Martial Arts costume tbh
  6. Miie

    i give you a thumbs up for MaPMtMĀ 

  7. happens sometimes when someone lags out the match and seeing the aisha vs thats most likely what happened.. happened to me and i have to close via task manager lol
  8. u prob dont even know what force lagging is lol people just have garbage internet here and ontop of that the distance
  9. I main Eve, Ara and Add but Raven looks tempting too..
  10. Just happy I can finally finish my elrianode set + cute clothes for eve
  11. Their looks and personality when it comes to games like this. I love Adds personality and his design for all his classes. Same with Devi
  12. Well I got two elrianode weapon guards in a day so it's alright rn
  13. Only thing that's alive is 2v2 and that's barely. And it's still filled with people acting shady for free wins knowing Void won't do shit about it