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  1. @XyrranHelloo Xyr, Welcome back!! Another Chungy Player~Lowkey i love Chung and i ship FP when Studies shit hits me, it took me 2 years to break from this Game. anyway, hope you enjoy more here! bless you luck
  2. Your Name: Vlan IGN: Ateleir Main or Alt?: 2nd main :zoomeyes: Age & Timezone (optional): im still young X4 years old GMT +7 About you : Ghost Hunter Why would chu like to join?: I'd like to join because Moma Mari is cute ♥
  3. Vlane


    Hello, Bethy!! Welcome to VoidEls nice to have you here, hope you ejoying the game~ i love Rena Players just saying.
  4. Thanks for update! Finaly i can move my ass on new henir
  5. Henlooo, Dyscloud love your name, also Daybreaker is much ♥ i remember was sold you CL Rena 5/5, welcome to VoidEls forum~ Enjoy here!
  6. Hello Des, Welcome to VoidhElls hope you enjoy the game
  7. Hello, in current state staff still not online you guys could apply through Myu at this moment~ and Admin will accept you when they available. sorry for inconvenience
  8. is this come along with Apink card Reward exchange Revamp (Soon™)? -cough-
  9. Havent experience it before, thats cool i think goodluck for you whatever you do in next project hope you enjoy it most! goodbye ;;
  10. @Kyako_ai HELLO, Welcome back to Elsword ish ~ Hope you enjoy to play this game Nice to meet ya Deary Eve Player ~
  11. Hello young Girl, Welcome to VoidHElls hope you enjoy to play Rose more, because i cant play as Her - cough - Nice to mee you btw~
  12. hello i iwant to buy your BM full set for eve. how much you sell?

  13. Big +1 i love this thanks Lord