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  1. from V1, we got Kotatsu permanent only :sweating: i hope some of them being permanent on IM later #Serenade sit motion & EW quiet old now
  2. from this at Naeun NPC Store, ppl called ED burner cough (cost 3,5m ED to open the cube, ofc it rng) i suggest you to not grab that cube you have void beginner starter pack so dw about newbie gear /IBs, even tho you need to work on your gear first then save ED to buy IB's~ just save your Apink card or buy once that Char promo cube costume xd still good too. for these one, sad to say but you need to grind for GoSC this title worth to get still. Recruitment for this title : collect el reward x 300 exchange it to Aranka/Ariel, to get El reward you need to throw barrier fragments (from SD run item) or Daily run SD x2 if you mean this effect 10% Matk,10%Patk + buffs spd how to get this title : play RNG on this @3,5m if you are unlucky then rip, i'm not suggest you as new here to play this rng cube. this title most hardcore player will have *cough* but it cost really expensive like min 3b to 5b price* Theres other title worth to get too, but need to grind much on Elrianode (Pierce the Heaven) kill 5k mobs on Elcity dg also (Guardian of Elrianode) 1k doing ETD Anyway thats i can explain to you maybe ppl can do better than me lol, welcome to Void ! hope you enjoy here the most ~ have fun
  3. +1 for this, refrain to 3 - 10 pcs maybe could be enough to exchange value, meant i have alot old GoD mats but still now GoD exchange has useful craftable items, Ex : New DM accs, New Potions,Elixirs (like we use this everyday) again i dont want to waste a time to do 42 chars alt dailies ty .(before new Henir hit void, it will be hard for Newbie)
  4. When i saw this, its truely piercing my souls ok. </3 sad to say heavy goodbye, best luck for you in real whatever you do on next. see ya Lexi
  5. Finally new ERP and balance patch !!! Rena Glorious thank you for the update! didnt expect much about this really thanks
  6. Hello!! @Ceshira, Welcome back~ Hope you find nice guild around theres many guilds on Guild Threads/Myu! glad to have you back here also bless of luck to you~
  7. Haiho, GFX san- congrats to become mod!!! Also love your siggy btw. Nice to meet you~
  8. I support for VAK and VAKr also GF ~ like these 3 sets are in rest for longer more than 1 year-so uh VAK/r stuck with no low body wing chance to get that part 0,1 % or Zero/ might ppl not interest with this set? not sure tho but, i want to see this Set on re rota atleast this year!
  9. Hai, Almond~ Welcome back to Void!! have fun in game best of luck to you. Nice to meet you ~
  10. Henlo~ welcome back here, Dear hope you enjoy the game its fun still~ caping char then do SD, with cube gear its enough till you progress Heroic/Elrianode set lowkey for farm Add dg to get apo weapon is best choice too goodluck to you!
  11. *gasp* agree, tho they will put as "Limited Edition" :dead:
  12. Thanks for update! finaly the pose, tho it will release on event craftable *cough* but glad to have it earlier -was think about SrV/SS/ET3 Rotation but it's MFr & TT-
  13. LMAO sad to hear that and mine - *cough* it stick on 300ms + Living far away from the server really pain with lag spike issue sometimes and no probleme~ Have a good day here !Best of luck to you
  14. Hello,Welcome to the VoidHel- i meant VoidEls hope you enjoy here alot~ for those you asked, - It wont be struggle if you focus with what you really need first!, some old player might be rest for their irl stuff but some of the still around here ♥ work hard is the key, everyone can be the best. -Server Located i checked it based on EU timezone UTC+1 /CET for ping you can try this (ping voidels.to -t)
  15. Henlo, Welcome back deary person hope you enjoy the game after long time~ Question 1 : Ara's Costume recommend( LoW 5/5 )if you can find 4/5 then 4/5 gives 10% cdmg + Formal Attire Hair or BM 4/5 gives 8% cdmg Ara's Suit Formal Attire attack power boost/Alternative Elywood Suit crit maxi %- if you dont have enough EDdont press it Ara's Combo EovD (cmdg 10%) / BM 3/4 (All Skill Damage 8%)/LoW if you already find 10/10 LoW set for started Question 2 : Elrianode gears 4/4 (top-shoes) Red-Fox Fire tears skill 4/4 Red-Attack/Attacked % tear (Top) Red-Party's Physical Attack % tear (Bottom) Red-All Skll Damage % tear (Gloves) Red-Ignore Physical Defense Power % /DMG to boss % /if you lack of MP reduce you can use MP Cost % tear (Shoes) Her skill tier (Bravery) is the most her strong skill (Shadoweave, Fox Fire, Fox Illusion) Enjoy, have a nice day