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  1. Vlanesca


    i love how Rena act ♥ also Chung XD would love these Idle motion when it come to void ~
  2. Vlanesca

    Salut (hi) all!

    Bonjour~ Hello welcome hope you enjoy the game :3 Nice to meet you!!
  3. Vlanesca

    [1/4/19] Update Discussion Thread

    Finaly MA for Ain released and DS ~ thanks for the update !
  4. Game told you to do smth that fit you if you follow all content does PvP-PvE, also Raid you dont need to force it to do it do whatever that makes you feels Good dont suffer yourself into whatever that you dont want to do tbh i havent touch Vanimyr Raid (Graphic Issue) i wont force myself to do it or the game will crash in the middle of battle.but (im really fine with this) c: be yourself enjoy it!! dont look to other ~ see ya on next rotation
  5. Vlanesca


    Welcome back, Deary player ! Hope you enjoy the game from now on~ best of luck to you Glad ot have you here back, Nice to meet you.
  6. Finaly Kotatsu and FA back ty so much for the update ! and the event looks so great ~
  7. Nice~ I came from Els EUfor the first but it turn so dead till i feel like none in the server the server was nice for me since beginning of my journey but uh, when i heard about NA els then Void i tried those 2 server in the same time but now i feel like prefer to stay in Void. main only Reason pick Void - INFINITE stamina meanwhile it was like you need to buy stamina pot cost 2.000 ED if i remember correctly but it still good enough for me so i stay here longer than NA /EU.
  8. 1b for Ara LoW ( combo ) ? still got it if it's that

  9. Vlanesca

    Bye void~

    Dear you can come back whenever you want to. I will be glad if seeing you around in game too I know the shit will come suddenly. But hoping you can pass it and live more stronger believe in yourself that you will be good afterall... Come back later !
  10. Vlanesca

    Bye void~

    OMG,hard to say goodbye to deary person! Goodluck for whatever you do next, hope you can get something really good for real! i'll be miss you, wish you can come back whenever you want. See you around Madam ♥
  11. Vlanesca

    Hello from a returning player.

    Welcome back, Returning Hero ! Hope you enjoy the game here, have fun also goodluck Nice to meet you~
  12. Vlanesca

    [10/3/18] v2.4 Discussion Thread

    thanks for the Update !!
  13. Vlanesca

    Goodbye void~

    goodluck in whatever you do next, and goodbye !
  14. Vlanesca


    sad to see you quit, goodluck for whatever you do next!