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  1. "Welcome to KFC, may I take your order?"
  2. @Annovie It's sad to see you depart from the top ranks but as you said, this is not just a goodbye, this is a new start and a lot more fun and fulfilling experiences are waiting for you ahead. You were a good GS/Mod and also are a good friend, hold that cheerful and bright attitude of yours dearly wherever you go, and make the best of whatever you do next, I wish you success! Additionally, For those of you who seem so dedicated on adding salt to the wound on this post, mocking, defaming, whatever you're trying to say for whatever's sake: Regardless if your personal opinion on Annovie (or anyone else for that matter) is a negative one or not, please at least try to hold some sense of morality and respect others just as you'd want to be respected; keep your negative/toxic thoughts to yourself and move on, there are thousands of threads out there you can waste your time on instead of behaving like grade school bullies.
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    Technical work you say?

  4. yeah figured well in that case, R>Lock please thanks Ran and thanks for voting, everyone : )
  5. Ayy there community, just bringing up something that came to mind. I think it would be nice to have Idle Motions from different classes as customization options, be it for free (though not likely) or available in the Item Mall for a fair price (300 to 700 EC?). By example, your Knight Emperor posing as Rune Master, your Code: Ultimate posing as Code: Sariel, or your Bluhen posing as Herrscher, etc. While we do have a nice catalog of poses to choose from in the IM already, some of us would like to play our main character posing as another class, just for fashion purposes. Poor made-in-Paint example of what this means: This includes those additional details such as Blazing Heart's hand on fire, Apostasia's green eyes, or Code: Sariel's inexpressive eyes, etc. (Though it could be problematic in cases like Immortal where he poses with the secondary sword, by example.) If you like this suggestion, please vote it up, otherwise vote it down; in either case an explanation of why will be appreciated. (If this has been suggested already and/or is not possible to implement into Void, you may close this thread.) Thanks for passing by~
  6. :cow_emoji:

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      #the cows are so cute in this game wth

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      LOL I know right, be the cow you always wanted to be, Koji > D

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      *MOO NOISES*

  7. thx for the follow bro! :D who are the blonde girls in your banner? :D

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      just one blonde girl, Furugoori Kona (Frau Kojiro) from Robotics;Notes (anime)

  8. excitement for 2.4 and "2.4 when" memes
  9. 1st Loot - Raven (Veteran Commander)
  10. Gabu

    please answer your discord : (

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    hola señor can I have a free "c:" por favor?

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      you are not the señor I'm looking for

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      your señor is always busy 

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  12. @Dominator hey there o/ would you mind adding Summer Star Academy (Dark Blue / Brown) Sets to the list? did not see them when I searched so if they're actually there please do correct me thanks! edit: how they look in-game (from Elboy to Chung) :