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  1. Hai! Welcome to the forums!~ I know I am late. Like REALLY! But I am new also! Would you accept the offer of being my friend? My IGN for my Add is LubLubX3 My IGN for my Ara is GingerAlpha ALSO GOOD LUCK IN-GAME I HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!~ ^w^
  2. I would love to join! ^w^ My IGN : LubLubX3
  3. My IGN for my Add is LubLubX3 I would love to join! ^w^
  4. Welcome to the forums Stelleia! ^w^ My IGN: LubLubX3
  5. When I find a game with a private server I rarely go for the actual game first X3 Idk why I feel like it may be easier playing the private server lol
  6. So just asking, which would be a good class to start out with?
  7. L o l I thought that this was going to be a topic no one would reply to. Forgive me for this random message. x3
  8. Hai Rice, Structure and Colour! x3
  9. My IGN for my Add is LubLubX3 if anyone wants to add me ^w^
  10. Hai! I have never actually played Elsword in my life. I don't really know the experience of playing it. But I feel that a short or long trip to VoidEls might give me a headstart.=w= I don't actually feel like playing the main Elsword. I saw ads of Elsword at almost every website I go to, So I thought, "Why not play it?" Then I wanted to see if there was a private server. There was, so I decided to play that first for some reason. I am a sweet and loving person and I act lower than my age.(Alot X3) Hopefully I will have people to talk to and maybe I will make friends. (So lonely when I start playing these type of games lel) This ends my further greeting/story or whatever~ With love, LubLubX3