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  1. I think it was still being a "pre-season" and now it's officially the Season 5
  2. That would make queue mostly empty, because people wouldn't know where the other ones are, even more in dungeon queues that are mostly empty, like the Elysion dungeons You can just wait on the queue with your friend for the other people leave, that doesn't take so much time
  3. Why just don't wait until the queue is empty ?
  4. True, but you still can spam a lot with high spec A and heroic + EP combo, 200 mp skills costing only 40 mp is OP
  5. ikr :/ but it still a bit OP i think
  6. Spec A and the DM passive which gives 20 mp per CP is nerfed now on KR so.. :/
  7. DM has a passive which gives 20 mp per CP you gain after reach the max, with 10 mp per CP on spec A and -25% red mp consumption(ERP) + 5% on EP and probably +15% from heroic 5/5, basically a skill which needs 200 mp to use, will only need 105 mp and gives 4 CP so.. he gain 120 mp from spec A + passive, which means he doesn't lose mana by using it, he gain 15 mp by using it :^ about the CD, i don't have idea, maybe he got red CD on ERP too(?)
  8. He isn't hacking, he has passives, high red mp consumption and spec A, he basically gain mp by using skills after get 10 CP, but that's nerfed on KR now
  9. Luciel isn't so bad.. :^
  10. You have to go to Ranox, then the game will give you a quest to unlock Elysion, imo you should make a SD gear first and then go to an Hero gear
  11. If i was you i would lvl the ERP to 100 before do that, anyways for PvP i would go to SD(supp + secret art + Flying Kite is OP asf), PvE CBS or MM(because they have an OP clear) and for both(PvP and PvE) DL or NB(they are just nice at both, and DL is good if you don't have a good gear because of Oriax, since everything goes to 0 dmg when you use it(mainly good at heroic)).