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  1. Oi long time tbh.. Sephally?

  2. Oi, whats ya disc tho cheers~ cuz i forgot .

    1. Chiharu


      mines is in a different font, tell me yours

    2. Extreme



  3. Oi, been long time.

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    2. Extreme


      That you? its me Kanji years ago on my elboi xD

    3. Shiryelle


      I remember you of course : D ~ yas

    4. Extreme


      Hows going tho wew.. haha 

  4. What happened to our void wep stages? *pepeface*
  5. Come bac plz

  6. The worst passive, the system has is called chatblock and it debuffs you like wow. Or do you guys mean those passives from each class that is useless?
  7. 2v2 when? :^(

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    2. Tone
    3. Extreme


      ima spam u discord, of my dog if u dont watch out ;c

    4. Tone


      please do it i love ur dog

  8. Yeah if it is possible, would be awesome tho
  9. Yeah, I think so too but always worth a try because if it is possible then void has its own "unique" chat system. But as you said it might get buggy or gamebreaking.
  10. Hey there, possible to add a feature that allows you to add any kind of items on chat to see their information? Like linking items on chat so then you could click on it and see what kind of item it is? Its just an lazyness suggest but I think it can make things more quick and clear? Just hold shift and left mouse button and choose which kind of item you wish to link on chat. Have a nice day.
  11. I always search the opest one, before that el nerf hammer comes and enjoy using it and get people triggered and hope they will say "can't wait for the nerfs" etc. Then after that just reroll so yeah thats what I enjoy about characters.