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  1. Dominator. He was my first capped character and I have fun playing with his skills. I'm sad he lost his ponytail but I still love his aesthetic. I find Shakti fun to play too and am considering to try DaB again because I tend to favor archer classes.
  2. I believe it's this beach set (image copied from this old thread):
  3. Thanks! I didn't realize you had to talk to them first rather than clicking them.
  4. Is there an npc where I trade the crafting items to? I can't seem to find them...
  5. Considering how long it has been since the gamble cube has been updated, I think it's fair for it to get a revamp. Reducing the price for it isn't too big of a stretch and I would be happy to see new outfits swapped in to increase variety on board and for anyone who wants more clothes for their characters.
  6. I don't run them daily for personal reasons and I don't enjoy using up my resources every time I do a series of runs. I run them mostly when I need to starve my pet (so roughly every 1-2 weeks) and run them until my pet's hunger is down to 0%, which is roughly...40-60 times.
  7. Doing the same as usual, which is training my pet and slowly gathering shards for stage 15 void weapon. I suppose cap my other characters if I plan on giving them 3rd job, but my main is my priority at the moment.
  8. I love CM too because I love the starry motif! I'm patiently waiting for void to get more star related accessories for me to give to my main, but I'm content with what I currently have. Another favorite of mine is Servius for Add because of his hair and the colors look regal. The new ib set KR recently got looks great on Add and I'm excited for the time it comes to void. For IM sets, I like the Street Star set and Gloomy Night.
  9. My favorite is Feita for the atmosphere and the music, which really sets the tone how empty the region is thanks to the demon invasion. It's a shame how short your stay in Feita is, but it's a good transition from the lightheartedness of the earlier regions to the later regions where the story gets a little more serious.
  10. I'm more than happy to see the big MW update. Although it's easy to overlook them, I didn't realize until I started playing with MW that accessories make a big difference on how your character looks. Seeing all those accessories being added to MW, especially glasses and the different type of blushes, have made me pleased to see that my character is no longer a cluttered mess. I was most excited for the miho ears and kr/na had recently got the new colored miho ears, so looking forward to when void gets them too. Looking forward to future MW updates.
  11. +1 I'm fine with that since it's already on the official servers. It'll likely be here the next time we get a major update anyway. How long that will take is another story.
  12. It was either 52 or 53 runs, I'm not sure. I still have to grind for stage 15, but it's nice to have the weapon to make the runs easier.
  13. +1 I'm not sure if there are many people who use the NA voices anyway. If there are people who enjoy the NA voices, they're a minority because I've heard mixed reactions for them. I want to hear their Japanese voices again.