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  1. Hi im the GM, sadly some drama happens when some people join. To avoid more drama i kick almost all the resent joins, so if you get fired for accident, you are still free to join and sorry for the misunderstanding.
  2. Furry Bumpu! we have Damage Build now! Yay!
  3. Accepted in Myu! Welcome!
  4. My best time until now is 0:58 with +11 EtW, 0:59 with +10 Mad Paradox and 1:00 with +11 BQ and +10TB, i leave here only my best one. Nerf Laby when?... ig i can do lower (57~56sec) but im happy with this.
  5. -1 tbh...I understand some people can't do good cleaning (maybe the character is more bossing than cleaning, the character is nerfed to hell or just bad gear), and some times even i clean so fast than kick system get triggered.... But then there is time when i do 11-5, 12-8 or any dungeon and there is the guy who not do a shit and im not talking about no damage or cleaning but about just sit down and wait until eveything is clean, then the system is really usefull... I understan the point about "unjustified kicks" but the system is also usefull for "justified kick" or at least is my point view.
  6. Guild Name: Deltarune Guild Level: 20 Skills: ~ Farming ~ ~ Damage ~ I made this guild... no, this house! trying to make a place where everyone despite language was comfortable and find someone to play and talk. Deltarune was founded in January 2015 as a Spanish PvE Guild but as time passed goes for many changes, now DeltaRune is a PvE House for everyone, we want to make the best Farm and Raid Guild with the most active and friendly people for everywhere. If you can help with Guild Coins is very appreciated. If you want to join us you can do it in-game with Myu looking for Deltarune, whe try to put a Daily Advertisement. Or you can join filling this form here: IGNs (In-Game Name): Class: Language(s): Time Zone: More about me: ► Weekly and monthly events will begin, the rewards of these will be announced in March. → Prizes planned: 200m in ED, $ 5 PGC code, $ 10 PGC code and other things. → Events of PvP, PvE and GE. → More details coming soon.
  7. Apparently everyone who says "Henir is a options" is the same people who only raid with one character and once per week or dont use Newt's so much. As one of those who do raid, and with raid i mean Varn Raids, not Drabaki: You need 3~7 Newt's per full runs (0~1 for 12-5, 1~2 for 12-6 and 2~3 for 12-7) if you want speed run, so yes, if they do a two GoD material for Old GoD Elixirs im fine but 40 of them for 1 Newt's is not worth, especially if you need to do Henir Daily for it. Edit: also i think is last time i try to explain why 20 x 1 sucks, looks like everyone want money or Farm Henir...
  8. 1000 / 20 = 50 50 compressed darkness for 14.5m or 290k e/a... Nope. Also, whe are not supposed to have that, the exchange Old Henir for GoD materials is from New Henir, when new henir comes, that system is going to die.
  9. So, bc you want to get money from GoD System, everyone need to pain just to get enough Newts for raid? make sense. EVERYONE CANCEL THIS SUGGESTION, THIS GUY NEED TO KEEP GETTING MONEY FOR SOMETHING THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE USEFUL. The main problem of the new system is that you only get limited drops per day, with this new system sure is easyer get the Buff but get the GoD Old System things is a pain, the only reason some one wants this not happen, is to get profit when newt's get OP prices for high demand.