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  1. +1 here~ but... Reminder: Flames of Judgement - Demonic Weapon have Awakening Visual. I pretty want it for visual for some characters that i not want to waste a real FoJ but maybe is more hard than how it's looks. Also why not add Old [Visual] Eltrion, Drabaki, Perkisas and Eltrion Mk2? Only visual of [Elite], [Unique] and [Legendary] but Statless.
  2. I still on time to suggest not allow people that vote Add Dungeon, vote un future Voting Events?
  3. Guest? We accept guest in Discord but idk what you mean.
  4. My first character ever was Eve Code: Exotic what i never make Code: Nemesis in old LA Server (now NA) in 2014 if im not wrong but my first character there in VoidEls was a Aisha Dimension Witch in 1.2 in an old Acc that i not even remember how to log in.
  5. Hi im the GM, sadly some drama happens when some people join. To avoid more drama i kick almost all the resent joins, so if you get fired for accident, you are still free to join and sorry for the misunderstanding.
  6. Furry Bumpu! we have Damage Build now! Yay!
  7. Accepted in Myu! Welcome!
  8. My best time until now is 0:58 with +11 EtW, 0:59 with +10 Mad Paradox and 1:00 with +11 BQ and +10TB, i leave here only my best one. Nerf Laby when?... ig i can do lower (57~56sec) but im happy with this.
  9. -1 tbh...I understand some people can't do good cleaning (maybe the character is more bossing than cleaning, the character is nerfed to hell or just bad gear), and some times even i clean so fast than kick system get triggered.... But then there is time when i do 11-5, 12-8 or any dungeon and there is the guy who not do a shit and im not talking about no damage or cleaning but about just sit down and wait until eveything is clean, then the system is really usefull... I understan the point about "unjustified kicks" but the system is also usefull for "justified kick" or at least is my point view.