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  2. Sorry (not sorry) but -1, not bc "i already get it and im selfish who not want anyone else get geared" but because even after get weapon you need: → A lot of Shining Mystic Stone. And how you are supposed to do that? farming Raids. Also, Add's Energy Fusion Theory is LOOT MORE EASY THAN DO WEEKLY RAID, imagine you farm doing your weekly run +2 Resets and finally you get the weapon and then VoidEls throw this to your face like a BIG midle finger, how are you going to feel? I remember i read KoG make all Varnimyr accs give Blazing Crystals when u dismantle them, so just wait to that, still grind-like and no so unfair ig? (but i pretty see people complaning about whales going to buy loot of Varn accs to dismantle them, and imo this is also a BIG midle finger buth from KoG)
  3. Furry Bumpu! ~ ♪♫
  4. This when, i want to see my Super cute furries in HD. I +1 this long ago but i was to lazy to put a post
  5. basically this, but looks like people only care about cosmetic now days... btw i only said why -1 bc the pool says "No (pls explain)" but now i blame myself for explain...
  6. In the last Suggestion i said +1... but from that time to now i think is... -1 from me. imo: If you not raid and get it with your own effort, you not deserve it, not even as visual. Sorry, i known sound cruel but i think is unfair for people who farmed 12-7 for months to get it carelessly if is for Stats or visual. EDIT: Also, unlike Accs, Weapon have Drop bar, so you are going get it some day if you really want it.
  7. I really love any suggestion that make the game less RNG but... I feel like the +9 craft is not really worth to craft in any way that use ED + 1 week of farming. Is more easy wait for Event that only ask for low-mid amount of mats and no ED to get a +9. Maybe only reduce the amount of ED or reduce the mats of craft. (Maybe im wrong, so i just say +1 but not sure if is worth to craft it that way) About +10, i think is fine bc: → No free +10. (I hate people ask for free things) → Need at least play for more than 5 weeks. → Maybe helps to make SD and Heroic more active. → I want more people was able to do Endgame ♥ Just think little less amount of ED and little less amount of El Rewards is better, and i not think is a good idea change El Rewards for Barrier. Also maybe im blind but, the Quest is per Character or per account? i think is ok if is per account but is almost kill my will to farm it xd (I already have all my characters +10 Weapon and the craft only worth for me to get Elrianode Set +10 w/o RNG) If i do that quest weekly is more bc i want all my characters with +10 Elrianode than to get only one weapon per week.
  8. I really hope this get implemented before i got the 2.000 fragments for all the [Head Hunter] Uniques i need... so i can make only one [Head Hunter], one [Eroding Energy] and one [Get Greedy] and sold the other as Henir Service or maybe make [Hyper Acceleration] and [Idomitable Will]. Also [Eroding Energy], [Get Greedy] and [Thunderstorm] Elite are not bankshare-able.
  9. Dead Bump + Update! ~ ♪♫
  10. -1, If i was able to do Add Dungeon with: → Lv85 Tremendous Gear (+9) → Transformation Tool → Ring of Skill, Ring of Fury (Temp) and Velder Necklace. → Promotion Costume → El'lywood Cotume Ig everyone can, and epic quest give enough money to buy that, or if you want to go even more far, you can do the Heroic Epic Quest to get +9 Lv25 Weapon and farm a shitty 4/4 set then get Henir Title that you get for do two Henir Runs, and also ERP is a thing, if you deal to get Lv.100 ERP with SD you get extra +35% ASD and not forget you can farm ED to get HH Rare that make Add Dungeon runs even more easy. Long Story Short: Stop being lazy and farm, not come with people not help now days, there are a lot of people happy to help new players.
  11. +1 here~ but... Reminder: Flames of Judgement - Demonic Weapon have Awakening Visual. I pretty want it for visual for some characters that i not want to waste a real FoJ but maybe is more hard than how it's looks. Also why not add Old [Visual] Eltrion, Drabaki, Perkisas and Eltrion Mk2? Only visual of [Elite], [Unique] and [Legendary] but Statless.
  12. I still on time to suggest not allow people that vote Add Dungeon, vote un future Voting Events?
  13. Guest? We accept guest in Discord but idk what you mean.