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  1. i just don't get why no downloads where released ;-;
  2. i mean as long as they still have a spring event, i will be happy tbh lol
  3. its gone downhill... but that does not surprise me...
  4. Okay so yeah... ive been playing here since the beginning, its been a great journey thats for sure, with the prices of ec rates going up and down, and now they are just like 18:100, what happened? anyways void is getting really boring lately so idk what to do on there....i hate pvp so yeah, guess ill come back around when void gets a really good update or when we have the 3rd jobs or whatever, people might not know me, but goodbye owo
  5. yep it looked like they nerfed the droprates for those sadly, because of what happened with el officer ver dark
  6. All i know is that i was playing before Elesis was even added to void o-o
  7. At this rate i dont know what server is better, Voids PvP sucks ass so i literally dont even touch it anymore because the ranking system is cancer now, and i did PvP on NA and it was better tbh, way more balanced and fair in my own opinion, so yeah, i guess they both are okay? void is better cuz you can cap in 1 day and allot of stuff is free, and void isnt 100% pay2win like NA is
  8. it was from a timer even that is no longer here, the accessory isnt perm anyways
  9. why not just make some and see what you get? because i have no clue lol
  10. lol the description says what you can get from it,, rings, magic stones, mini-mes, titles, boss cubes, and characters job costumes/hair etc
  11. what is the point of this topic? like really lol
  12. Welcome to void, i hope you enjoy your stay here, it has its ups and downs but its still fun~
  13. Ikr same, Ain looks so sexy in it c;
  14. Well well well, lookie who just got the Idol Dance costume and pose, void pls add these, im sure you will in a future update, but heres a reminder incase you didnt know about this