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  1. Holy Jesus xD -Sephyron from Planeptune
  2. It won't take a day to stabilize download speeds trust me. I'm thinking to take or not take the risk... void data are modified differently in order to work in our launcher & game.
  3. Apparently there is people copying Na files to void. Which cuts 5gb download to 2,84gb
  4. Load the NO ETA Memes! By the way, awesome job Ran and developers for v2.3 was actually asleep when I saw the official post... LOL
  5. I apply on Board as said Send Discord on Private Message (Forums) whenever you can and Thanks!! =)
  6. Greetings: IGN: LSDrago [Alt]Class: Veteran CommanderLanguage(s): English, Spanish, (bit of Japanese)Timezone: GMT -4 (Atlantic Zone)Age (optional): --About me: Very Kind, Helpful, Active Player (Gearing up), Friendly and Social Why you decided to join (optional): Been looking for quite an active guild for quite long on this alt. Want to meet new friends and be of great service to guild members and the guild itself.
  7. In Game Name: Tezukami (CRA)Main/Alt: MainCharacter Level: 80Last Guild(Optional): BlackSeraphTimezone/Server: GMT+4Why: Pretty Organized, very friendly, very active on Perkisas + SD's. I'm Mostly Alone doing SD's and Perkisas. Also can be very helpful with guild mates and very social. Would like to make new friends and also be a great member of this guild. Most of my friends left VoidElsword and i'm here all alone qwq. Thank You!