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  1. why is the gender a thing anyways. who the hell cares, you can be anything on the internet. I've seen you around on forums a bit Venci, so henlo. P.S : Man merkt irgendwie, dass du Deutsche(r) bist lmao, frag nicht wieso
  2. oh shid OT : See ya
  3. Hello hello, welcome to the forums!
  4. Hey there! Welcome to VoidEls. I like your Goku-like spirit. kaka carrot cake
  5. IGN(s): Modimo Main or Alt?: Alt (I do a lot of 3v3 on him.) Age(optional): Private here Reason to join: It looks like a nice guild to join so I'll give it a go. ~ About me(optional): Am easy going and stoopid.
  6. Welcome to Void! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here. ~ (I will send yo a friend request later ahuhu.)
  7. I'd say sure for the shards. But the weapon is another story.
  8. when the hell was the EC rate 0.5 to 1:100? not here in void iirc and only in the early versions of Els if you mean that
  9. best class comin thru :^) took me a while tbh hyped af for EW
  10. Welcome to the forums! You're never late for the party. Enjoy your stay!
  11. Hiiieeeyaao happy that you got the position and I wish you the best! Enjoy your stay and make us proud.
  12. AHOWDY hopefully you're gonna enjoy your time here as a mod! Make us proud!
  13. Henloo, hopefully you're gonna enjoy your time as a mod and will be glad to see you sort things out here!