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  1. Welcome to Void! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here. ~ (I will send yo a friend request later ahuhu.)
  2. I'd say sure for the shards. But the weapon is another story.
  3. when the hell was the EC rate 0.5 to 1:100? not here in void iirc and only in the early versions of Els if you mean that
  4. best class comin thru :^) took me a while tbh hyped af for EW
  5. Welcome to the forums! You're never late for the party. Enjoy your stay!
  6. Hiiieeeyaao happy that you got the position and I wish you the best! Enjoy your stay and make us proud.
  7. AHOWDY hopefully you're gonna enjoy your time here as a mod! Make us proud!
  8. Henloo, hopefully you're gonna enjoy your time as a mod and will be glad to see you sort things out here!
  9. Konichihello Welcome to Void! Hopefully you're gonna enjoy your time here. You can add me and we can go through some dungeons if you want. IGN : Verlieren
  10. Welcome welcome! Sailormooniscuteyas Enjoy your stay here on the forums!
  11. YEET Welcome back dood and happy grinding !
  12. Jokes aside : Welcome back! Void is just.. void, I guess. You didn't miss out a lot. You can check if you have questions about 3rd job skills or anything else! even tho i dont play anymore sell me megas for 1m ty xoxo