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  1. Brek

    Salut (hi) all!

    Welcome welcome! Sailormooniscuteyas Enjoy your stay here on the forums!
  2. Brek

    Returning to VoidEls!

    YEET Welcome back dood and happy grinding !
  3. Brek

    I'm coming back.. FINALLY! ^_^

    Jokes aside : Welcome back! Void is just.. void, I guess. You didn't miss out a lot. You can check if you have questions about 3rd job skills or anything else! even tho i dont play anymore sell me megas for 1m ty xoxo
  4. Howdy fucking doo everyone. I'll just make this short and won't stretch it out for too long: I'll take a break from Void Elsword or Elsword in general. The reason is; I found some other games which I enjoy far more and got a lot to do for school / IRL Stuff. I don't hate Elsword (lol everyone does), but it really got boring if you almost get everything you wanted for years. I'll probably check by in the forums now and then but you probably won't see me ingame. Thanks bois and gorls, I wish you all the best and luck for your future grinding. o/ ♥
  5. Brek

    Naeun update

    Why would we need these consumables at Naeun if we got them at alchemists already?
  6. Brek

    Time to say Bye Bye

    Goodbye and take care! You do you~
  7. Brek

    Ummm...hello all :'3

    Henlo! Welcome to the forums. We hope you'll enjoy your stay here and in Void. ~ If you need any help or got any questions, feel free to ask us!
  8. Brek

    Who could be holding all the ED?

    1,8b atm and will be 2,5b when I sell all of my shit. Yet I don't want to waste a single penny.
  9. Brek

    Your opinions on transparency 2.0

    jesus christ this is a clusterfuck
  10. Brek

    Little Change for Secrect dungeon titles

    And you stop being rude just because of a suggestion. No one knows that you like to do this or that SD. There might be a possibility that it will be changed in the future. If you don't want to farm for it because it's not "chill" enough, then simply don't. With that being said, stop being rude with the "stop sucking on eachothers dick" and "I'm genuinely sorry for your parents". Thank you. // Original Topic : It might be hard to influence Luto chance but other than that, I don't think there might be a big issue for the staff to do this. (Unless it's server sided and they have to create a custom title.) +1!
  11. Cute looking guild. I would like to join with my alt to help it out a bit! Ign: VerIieren (the l = capital i) Class/Level: Centurion Alt or main? : Alt Timezone: Idunno im in austria Cake or Pie: Both Reason for joining: Meeting new people and helping the guild out if needed.
  12. Brek

    [FaII] Lv.5 Hybrid Guild

    I can hop on now.