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  1. I got all 6 pieces. What does it do? Dance or somthing?
  2. hi mom

    1. Kousike


      are you doing this to everyone *^*

  3. but i see nothing in rulebreker :v is that how is alway is? NOTHING? or am buggin?
  4. that mean i have to post it on youtube or something cuz is still in my file @@
  5. kk tkx but how do i post a video???? i can't drag the video in the topic can i??
  6. adn how to post a video i have to post it somewhere else then have a link or i can just drag the video in the post?
  7. that what i thought first so i tried NA to it dun have delay same as KR so still thinking there a program that make delay gone for good
  8. so as i play els Kr with my internet....well let say that my internet ist shit but i seen to get like no delay when i pvp or pve compair to void i lag like hell i have to go to a net cafe to play so my question is Is there a program that make the game get no delay or it depend on where u at in the world??? am curious VERY curious i have keep it in my mind for week @@