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  1. Hello, Hi New. Welcome to why are you reintroducing yourself again.
  2. I better emphasise, it's Soulworker, not "Soul Worker." The game's logo makes it clear that its name doesn't have a space between "Soul" and "worker" and it's not in CamelCase (in other words, there isn't a capital W).
  3. Message de-intercepted by me, who's exactly like what Kuramu said.
  4. And I'm still looking for Monster Card: Demon Jin.
  5. =-= Karis! GrM well always be ma waifu!

    with that awkward statement, I bid you a good day ahead.

    1. Enslaved Mortal

      Enslaved Mortal

      Hello? I'm not really "Karis"; my username "Enslaved Mortal" indicates I'm enslaved by Succubus Queen Karis. I'm just a regular guy who really likes Karis. 

      And there is no way for me to forget Her.


      Although I like Blazing Heart.

    2. Ashless


      O-O good to know, still, I do admit Karis looks good, I kinda like her in her first form thanks for WAERO (an artist)

      might be NSFW (https://i.ytimg.com/vi/ivEQxPLoDa8/maxresdefault.jpg)

      Blazing Heart is good but still, I will always like GrM more.

  6. Inb4 lock :^) But seriously, what is that about? What's with "Retro suit"?
  7. In and Jin before the lock... @Poppy @Stay @Structure
  8. *blocks that stab with shield* 1.9 WHEN??!?!?! (Loljk)
  9. If you could lower the settings to its lowest, you can play it. But what kind of Pentium do you have? Do you also have a graphics card in it?
  10. *hugs the Karis butt, Just once.*

  11. Sorry. I had to do this. The Deadpan, Naughty, Enslaved Mortal “Erebus” Erebus Belmez, a made-up name from Count Belmez of UK Elsword, is one of the quietest of the guests of our Discord server. He's completely into Karis and as a result he becomes enslaved by her. He's having a fetish of cleavages and nice asses. He's also a fan of the Gundam series too. He's into Elsword's lore, but felt it needs more improvement. Also, he's okay with whales and likes beans.
  12. hi mommy

    1. Enslaved Mortal

      Enslaved Mortal

      I'm a male, but hello. You're back?



    (Note: "DNF" stands for "Dungeon & Fighter", the original Korean name of Dungeon Fighter Online.)

    1. Jochira


      I've never understood why LK got his mouth folded... XD

  14. ass_drug_bag____fuck_by_theguywhodoestheThis image itself.

    Is this from the Vietnamese version of Pokémon Crystal?

    1. DeadKebab



      Specifically from a live stream of a person called Vinesauce Joel who played Vietnamese Crystal.

    2. Enslaved Mortal

      Enslaved Mortal

      Yeah, but I thought it was glitches before...


      I always have a fun time glitching the fuck out of Pokémon because I'm bored, lol.

      And that's why I like MissingNo.


      Pocket Monsters - Crystal Version (Japan).003.png

      (Dammit, I can't edit this post...)