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  1. Lemonade "I had my ups and downs, but I always find the inner strength to pull myself up. I was served lemons, but I made lemonade." LVL. 13 PVE Guild Introduction and Guild Information Established on 2016-04-29, started as a guild for my friends and characters, became a guild for everyone who loves running dungeons together! You're also welcome if you play PVP a lot, but I don't have passives for that tho. I'm not planning to make this a huge guild to compete with others. Trying to stay in my own lane and welcome people who needs help in-game and ofcourse enjoy this game! It's much more fun playing together than alone! Guild name is inspired by my number one artist of all time, Beyoncé. How do we help you? - We will help you level up - No level or minimum CP requirements - Literally everyone is welcome - I'll give you my heroic/elrianode drops for free, if it's useless to my characters How do you help us? - Be active (don't be longer than 21 days inactive) - Help us saving up for that awesome guild skin - Help us level the guild for more passives - Help us make it more fun for others Guild Passives Comrade's Cheer (5/5) Dungeon EXP +15% Hand of Midas (5/5) ED Gain +10% Trace of Treasure (5/5) Item Drop Rate +10% Hunter's Instinct (3/5) Dmg to Boss Monsters +1.5% and Dmg from Boss Monsters -1.5% Gnosis is always active Discord The server is not finished yet. I made it yesterday and I'm not really good with this kind of stuff. I'm having a bit of a hard time with the bots haha. Guild Rules and Regulations Official Rules of VoidEls Respect others (important!) If someone's viewpoint differs from your own, find a civil way to discuss it, or just agree to disagree. Appropriate Language and Behavior Please refrain from any excessive or extreme behavior. Some examples include: sexually explicit language, solicitation, racism or other prejudice, rape jokes, and excessive swearing. The "n" word is not allowed. Inactivity To be honest, I'm trying to keep this guild alive. I will allow you a 21-days inactivity. After that you'll be given the role Member in-game. That means if the guild is getting full, you're the one who'll be deleted to make some room for the new members. Updates My short introduction I'm Rorio and I'm 20 years old. My Richter, XGayliciousX is the Guild Master atm. I'm from the Netherlands and my hobbies are playing League of Legends, Elsword, Monster Hunter World and a few other PS4 games. I love watching movies (especially horror, romantic comedies, action, etc) and anime. I love performing in the shower, my neighbours and family hate me for that, cuz I can't sing TT_TT but I couldn't care less hehe Recruitment Introduce yourself! Nickname: Age: In-game name: Character: Country: Hobbies: Fun fact about myself: Why I would like to join: Thanks for reading my guild thread! I don't mind if you don't join my guild, but never forget to enjoy this game and other things in your life!!! Sending you love and positive vibes~
  2. ERP Support Tree Available (MP/CD Reduction) Niceeee
  3. Hola ~ You're awesome ! I hope you'll be able to achieve your goal, have a nice day!!
  4. Hi Metria Dayum we're going to be best friends forever!!
  5. Lawl Ive been playing this game for more than a year and I havent introduced myself yet.... Im SmileSpawn and I love: Elsword Beyonce being H A P P Y Anime League of Legends Pokemon Horror Talking about random stuff Im bad at videogames, but I dont care Maybe we can play together I guess that's all you need to know xD Nice to meet you!!
  6. make another eve and level her
  7. OH MAW GASH I'M SO HYPED!!!!! But I also can't wait for all the revamped characters, because they are not only updating the body's of the characters, but also their skills, commands and systems <3 I gonna prepare for this amazing update, I'll be daily on babel to see the updates and deleting some of my chars and create the one who are going to be awesome