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  1. I'm neutral about it. I get why people get kicked sometimes, leechers, afk people, etc. But what I don't like is when people kick when people can't keep up cause their gear is bad. Like I get that you want to clear it fast, but weaker ones are just farming to get better gear, and kicking them is slowing that down. Believe me that's happened to me once before in henir a long time ago. 2 people I got qued with were clearing so fast I couldn't do much of anything. And I got kicked. And I whispered one of them and was like "wtf man". They tried to tell me that they thought I disconnected. No I didn't, I was kicked. That's the kind of thing I don't agree with. Now that I can actually do damage and am average +10 person, I do get a bit annoyed seeing leechers in dungeons, which is when I do like the kick button. Overall I'm neutral, it's good in some situations but not all. You're gonna have your asshole people with +11 gear who kick cause it's not going fast enough for them, and then you have leechers/afk people. All I can say is that you either get a premade party, solo, or just deal with it tbh.
  2. I didn't expect this patch so soon. Lol best staff! I expected way later than this. Ty for your hard work!
  3. Literally the best staff member ever lol I literally lost my shit watching this video
  4. People don't know how to beat her in pvp so the salt flows very easily. Complaining about the "xx spam" is kinda sad when I can think of many other classes that do that too *thinking emoji* not sure how doing normals is spamming? Just another excuse to hate on a character. I'll be honest I hate fighting rose in pvp, but that doesn't stop me from trying, and half the time I win. Other times I don't I keep practicing until I do beat them. Overall the community complains too much over everything and anything they can, so it's nothing new (this doesn't go for everyone in the community btw)
  5. +1 Hopefully they get some ideas from this for a next event or something. Void is pretty dead without event or updates. And we don't know when the next patch will be u.u
  6. +1 this. Like at least make the arena cubes worth it again...5k is too much for one and you aren't guaranteed anything good out of it. Best I've gotten out of it was like 1 +9. Rest was just nothing good. I prefer doing pvp over pve because it's so time consuming half the time. Only time I do pve is dailies and events. And the fact that pve is so boring too since you run dungeons over and over again.
  7. Rip. Nothing interesting this boring q.q


  8. Little quick reminder to tell people

    BiasedlyTreated is a baiting little prick. Rude on forums, even harassed me in messages. He stopped once I threatened to report him for harassment lmao

  9. Black Massacre is love, Black Massacre is life, in fact she will end your life in an instant in pvp if you let your guard down :^)
  10. They changed the AP cost of the cubes....I blame the privileged pve mains complaining about pvp.

    PvP cubes aren't worth it now. Thanks a lot. 

  11. Mine is 1:19. +10 apoc Metamorphy with +9 elrianode gear. Supernova 40% dmg increase build, bravery stacking etc. Supernova OP
  12. That's even more sad that you have all this drop rate stuff and yet you barely get anything. :( I agree with waiting for stuff to pop up on board. Though if the drop rate is this low, then the prices of the items will be so high...
  13. +1 this so hard. Did so many runs of Debrian and only got 14 sugar cubes. Did 4 SD runs and got 1 bean. Forgot how many I got with Add dungeon cause I logged off. I hope they buff the rate... it's very disappointing knowing the drop rate is so bad yet the rewards are so good.
  14. I absolutely love the idea of this event, but I have one complaint. The drop rates of the items. I did 4 SD runs, and got 1 coffee bean, ONE. Some runs you just don't get anything sometimes. Either I have bad luck, or the drop rate isn't very good.. Other than that I do like this event, just wish the drop rate was better