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  1. Rip...I hope updates come soon. I mean I know it takes time to get everything ready and such...just hard to wait sometimes I suppose. Maybe next Friday or in June I guess!
  2. Cool more useless updates.

  3. Game is boring and I miss balance in pvp. Where is the next update...I know it takes a while but...NA is far far ahead now

  4. ....why did they add a costume version of a costume you get from the level up cube.....why



  5. Man.... c'mon where is the next update...I know it takes a while to get sometimes but I really want the pvp revamp...I miss doing pvp but it's so dead..

  6. Honestly in my opinion, doesn't really feel like a scam, it's basic equipment you can get easily to start gearing up that character if you planned on getting a full elrianode set and void weap. But this is just my opinion, and everyone has a right to their own
  7. Cool more useless filler maintenance...they add 1 costume for laby. Oh well, at least heroic cubes will be useful for my alternate characters....pvp balance patch when... 

  8. Also...why are most of you so rude to each other? It's done and over with, gotta work with what we got sadly. Can't change what was chosen...
  9. Team ignia here....I am shocked people chose double fusion drops over team why @-@ makes no sense lol. Oh well. Could have been worse and they could have picked horrible ones I guess.
  10. First character was on NA, back in 2014, made a NW, capped her to 70. Found out about void not long after and dropped NA and went to Void, first reat character was VP. I remember doing the old raid and pulling a +9 from the cubes and I had people spamming me to buy it, which I didn't realise how valuable it was back then lol so I got a 5/5 ice burner for it. It was also around that time I was doing dailies in secret dungeons, and I remember specifically some person said they were going to report me for hacking lol apparently they didn't know VPs lvl60 passive. Well they tried reporting I guess, though it's 2019 and I'm still here. So it was a funny experience on void for me. Lol I still have that character only she is a AeS now :)
  11. I'm neutral about it. I get why people get kicked sometimes, leechers, afk people, etc. But what I don't like is when people kick when people can't keep up cause their gear is bad. Like I get that you want to clear it fast, but weaker ones are just farming to get better gear, and kicking them is slowing that down. Believe me that's happened to me once before in henir a long time ago. 2 people I got qued with were clearing so fast I couldn't do much of anything. And I got kicked. And I whispered one of them and was like "wtf man". They tried to tell me that they thought I disconnected. No I didn't, I was kicked. That's the kind of thing I don't agree with. Now that I can actually do damage and am average +10 person, I do get a bit annoyed seeing leechers in dungeons, which is when I do like the kick button. Overall I'm neutral, it's good in some situations but not all. You're gonna have your asshole people with +11 gear who kick cause it's not going fast enough for them, and then you have leechers/afk people. All I can say is that you either get a premade party, solo, or just deal with it tbh.
  12. I didn't expect this patch so soon. Lol best staff! I expected way later than this. Ty for your hard work!
  13. Literally the best staff member ever lol I literally lost my shit watching this video
  14. People don't know how to beat her in pvp so the salt flows very easily. Complaining about the "xx spam" is kinda sad when I can think of many other classes that do that too *thinking emoji* not sure how doing normals is spamming? Just another excuse to hate on a character. I'll be honest I hate fighting rose in pvp, but that doesn't stop me from trying, and half the time I win. Other times I don't I keep practicing until I do beat them. Overall the community complains too much over everything and anything they can, so it's nothing new (this doesn't go for everyone in the community btw)