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  1. Off brand, last minute Ignia stan! "What do you mean my cosplay looks rushed?! I- I didn't choose my team last minute based on who was winning, I swear! avatar pieces used: disclaimer:
  2. hello! bakery is pretty small, but we're all good friends and active, and we're aiming for that family type of guild vibe here's our thread in case you're interested ~
  3. if you make me waste my mp and skill while i'm in the middle of casting just because yours casts faster im gonna rip out your spine and shove it down your throat
  4. when an earthquake occurs coffins turn into underground maracas

    1. Fluffiest


      i agree with whatever that means

  5. welcome to void and the void (heh) of No ETA basically we don't know when/if new content is coming, GMs can't tell you, CMs can't tell you, Mods can't tell you.
  6. blease make meta's skill casting faster for the love of god a FB can use 3 skills before im even done casting supernova
  7. a bump that only got like 5 hours of sleep
  8. indeed ~ if you have any other questions feel free to pm me! o: if you need help levelling I can hop on too I also suggest this guide about void's custom systems!
  9. you should just aim for the highest level dungeon available for you, at lvl 70 you do secret dungeons you get the level up cube from a quest that requires you to drink one of the mana potions you get at the start of the game can't really help with classes since I don't play ain, but there's quite a few guides if you scroll down a bit on forums and since you're new, please don't forget to get the void buff from the item mall for free, it gives you more exp, buffed drop rates and no stamina limit! welcome and enjoy your stay!
  10. an overbaked bump cause i forgot i had it in the oven