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  1. soft


    be patient my good degenerate
  2. soft

    [Suggestion] Whitelisting Berthe Jr

    yata confirmed in spam thread this will be fixed in a future maintenance!
  3. soft

    New to Els and Void

    ^ story quest is actually a terrible idea, you level much faster if you just skip them, and you don't get anything from them until lanox I'd say cap first via SDs, do lanox -> elrianode quests for some ed (actually, quite a bit of ed) and try to get yourself some equipment to start getting stronger. After that SDs provide some decent ed while you work on your equipment. If you're struggling you can always look for a party or a guild to help you.
  4. soft


    there's already an active thread about making crafteable +10s if you have any ideas you might wanna share them there!
  5. soft

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    if your undergeared bitchass KE self rips a mob out of my skill I'll do the same thing to your spine
  6. prayer circle for the people without time tbh I already hurt my back bad enough from sitting on my ass all day
  7. nope, not at all. sorry if I wasn't clear enough but I was talking specifically about the people who can spare time to play yet are simply choosing not to do so, I'm calling those people lazy
  8. Literally all I said is 'hey guys the drop rates aren't that bad' because it was possible for me to get a certain amount of drops within two days despite getting a lot of 0 drop runs. If you're busy during the entirety of the event- so busy that you can't even spare a few hours to get something you want that's not my fault, and I'm sorry you've got to take out your anger on some random on the internet. It was directed specifically at those people because I've seen quite a bunch of them but hey if the shoe fits
  9. so because you, yourself, don't have time to play a videogame you're getting mad at me? because I choose to take some time of my day to play and actually put effort into getting something I want? this was directed at people who were complaining yet are able to play the game, just choose not to, so calm down
  10. 7 days for a +10 scroll or +11 armor isn't that bad, if you tried to farm for it without the event it'd take you much longer. Or maybe even longer if you bought fluorites instead. Can't vouch for the HH since that's pure rng and I myself don't have one, so I can't confirm how worth it it is. I haven't even been farming that hard, I did a few hours at most and it could take even less time with a medal of greed or decent luck. They already said they're tweaking the event craft costs, so don't get pissy at me for putting effort into something I want.
  11. ok so are you really this unlucky, super plus ultra unlucky, or are you just trying to say I'm wrong for the saying the rates aren't that bad
  12. yeah but absolutely no drops?? at all???? in two whole days?????? like ok i've had a few runs with 0-2 drops, even 3 to 5 runs in a row, but it's not like the rates are so fucked you get nothing
  13. got around 300 in just two days with 0-3 drops per run, so honestly I feel like the people complaining are either 1) incredibly unlucky to the point where it's not believable 2) sitting in spar/towns all day and complaining
  14. soft

    Need people to level up togheter

    hello! here is where you can look for a party!
  15. well after testing sds, deb labs and pepsiman it seems the most reliable source of event mats is pepsiman if you have a decent clear time haven't tested banyanyamir so if anyone can share their thoughts on those hmu