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  1. Ran has said multiple times Nisha isn't ready, and there isn't an ETA on events either. So all we can do is be patient
  2. soft

    LGBT guilds?

    [Bakery] isn't strictly LGTB (even though most of us are gay) but we do have a friendly and respectful family enviroment ~
  3. well, I understand but to be fair theres not much you can do with that amount... and even for new players this is better since they'll be spamming dungeons to catch up anyway
  4. but you get them through SDs, all elrianode dungeons and heroics..? I'm sorry but do you even get ANY apink cards from levelling? I end up being too high levelled to even get a single card from any of the dungeons until I get to SDs
  5. well you can always try to vent @ spam thread, since this is probably gonna get locked its a rng thing, so cries in 9 cubes rotting in my inventory
  6. damn cant wait to see the +11 perfect mystic FoJs oneshot each other in 2 second matches
  7. Hi I'd like to start a petition to remove laby haters from the game, as a laby player they ruin my experience and frankly are just assholes. anyway r> lock, this won't happen and this isn't your first thread about hating laby and laby players, maybe try another game if it bothers you so much. @PhysicsTM@Structure@Naivety@Xera@Shiryelle