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  1. buff every rose class so people with shit taste keep salting ^ _ ^ OT: buff aisha, pve is annoying with her rn.. it's not even fun to play : (
  2. i already had ~500 shards before the adjustments so i'm lucky probably going with the +10 though
  3. jisung

    Leveling Cube Revamp

    +1, but "Cube that lets you select a job promotion" (in any cube) is not necessary in my opinion. Everything else I agree with!
  4. I agree, something like the Punk vs Police event would be nice, but I don't expect it, especially since 2.3 was released not too long ago. I wouldn't mind a leveling/naeun exchange event either, all I do here is leveling anyway, but I get why people might find this boring.
  5. i'm doing the void dungeon with TT/Centurion so i basically cheat through it anyway but Alterasia can go and die, who the fuck thought that shit was a good idea
  6. I had this problem for a year in Elsword where I seriously had no idea who my main was. I wanted to quit Els, but then I saw CrA's teaser's and fell in love. Her character design clicked well with me, and I love playing berserker like characters like her. To be fair, I mostly play female characters, but today I tend to check every character out if there aren't too many (league cough)
  7. jisung

    (Discussion) How good/shitty is your RNG?

    i get about 2-3 rows of accessories and 1 1/2 pages from $100 of burning im ok i guess
  8. jisung

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    i usually carry my friends through SDs so they can cap faster. my stats are really good, i have a +10 and I'm p fast at clearing (I play CrA/BlQ as well) and people S T I L L decline Luto because they think we can't clear it wtf?
  9. jisung

    What do you think of 3rd jobs

    i nutted hard because of elesis, bloody queen especially glad kog didn't completely butcher my wife ^.^
  10. jisung

    [5/4/18] v2.3 Discussion Thread

    can anyone tell me if the class change tickets from the lv. 90+ cube is bank shareable?
  11. somewhere before Mastermind came out..
  12. Dis Baekhyun.


    I love you.

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    2. stars




      Finally some Baekhyun stans in this forums.

      I'm so hyped shit shit shit shit 

    3. jisung


      tbh i'm the most unloyal exo-l you'll ever meet, i stan all of them LOL ;;

      but yeah, here i am (':

    4. stars


      oh dayum

      but still


      i like baekhyun lovers.


  13. jisung

    Since Void tickets no longer exist:

    i don't think that's possible with elsword's shitty coding