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  1. As long as I have my reverse circle i'll still main DiE. Call me jedzter the #1 gear carried reverse circle scrub pls. jk but anyways, DiE did get a crazy nerf, and adds in general due to mind break being nerfed, but hes still the counterpick to most stunners like LP. Finga also got really bad range now too
  2. Ohey i'm on there.. (jedzter)
  3. no uni jk +1, i never got a warning point before but i believe that they should be removed at a certain time also.
  4. Tang plays his class pretty well. I agree he is kinda geared, but ultimately he's the best elboy i've ever seen. R0CKEY is okay too. He may do alot of damage but if you sparr him then he can do some pretty flashy combo's. They are not Add/Elesis/Ara so they deserve respect imo. Fooooou. no
  5. actually i forgot im in the guild [chosen] /is shot
  6. ign: Jedzter class: DiE guild: Nostalgia rank: S++ timezone: est
  7. IGN: Razef Class: Infinity Sword Rank: S++ Guild: [Nostalgia]
  8. So ill be giving away a millennium fox cannon (CHnaged to AA canon) and 130m(Changed to 73m due to friend stealign meh MANEYS). Summit your IGN and ill use to generate the winners. RULE: There is ONLY going to be 30 spots in this give away. The first 30 people who post their IGNs will participate! I WISH YOU GUYS GOOD LUCK! Winners; Chang(I couldn't send mail GG UR MailBOX WAS FULL) Tweak Nyan(You got Chang's prize!) CHECK YOUR MAIL! I DONT KNOW ANY OF THE WINNERS ITS NOT RIGGED I HAVE VIDEO DAT I SENT IT NO BULL K DONT EVEN TRY if you wanna rage on me
  9. I'm having problems logging on, anyone else?
  10. Rei u should ban cobo frost cannon they like IB weps
  11. IGN: Ulysus Class: IP Rank: S++ Guild:Nostalgia Saturdays best
  12. Sorry Ben, I don't even know who won the tournament. Someone in my guild is on vacation and wanted me to say that (PM'd me via text and doesn't have a forum account).
  13. Yeah I admit I did play DiE before but now i'm back to an Infinity Sword main. I just find it stupid how some people in our guild who may want to join can't because of this rule. I don't see anyone in our guild "boasting" about us either. Thank you for the appropriate response though. Also Rui, you still hasn't given out the rewards for the last tourney you hosted. you claimed that Lexi hosted yet she was only the sponser because you posted the thread and you streamed it, Lexi had no part in the tourney you hosted other than being a sponser and if she doesn't give the rewards out, then it's your responsibility to get the rewards to the winners."