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  1. Sadly I am only saying facts~ whoever wants this thread to be locked bc it got outta hand, thumbs up~
  2. Yea we got Laby and I agree she didnt got noticed by over the half of the community. You know why? 1st Nisha wasnt there 2nd NO FUCKING HENIR REVAMP ALOT WANTED. If you truly are a 2015 player, boy then dont be stupid. In every big update everyone was hyped and the server were OVER MONTHS full. Oh and define VOID a PRIVATE server as an OFFICIAL SERVER WITH MORE STAFF????? Man your dumb. Official has like a house full of staff members which makes it possible to do every day a happy day. Void has a cup of coffee.
  3. Funny thing the big updates MAKE void being more alive for months. Events only for a short time. Plus the staff needs to bother to change codings and files just for the weekend BECAUSE people are just lazy to farm. You definitly ARENT a long time here in void to understand that.
  4. Okay so every weekend an event and the huge updates getting much more delayed than now? No thanks. -69
  5. IGN: RosenBluete Description: This song remembers the people of the ones you like and love. In good and bad days, after listening, you remember someone you really loved. Always when I heard this beautiful instrumental cover, all my negative thoughts got blown away and got a tear of joy..
  6. IGN: RosenBluete The Ancient Dragon is coming! "Why beating up a dragon for its accessories if you can become a dragon?" Ref Items used
  7. Not yet. More force skills didnt got added yet since KR aswell released them pretty late No ETA tho when Laby gets the force skills
  8. And here we see selfish people who dont care about newbies Just because most geared people already have their full saged OP character and can spam out Varnimyr. Newbies cant. Also a sidenote: There are some people who literally have a LIFE unlike some people here. Thats most likely a reason why most dont have Apo or even Elri gear Well atleast be happy about the 800%
  9. About the socket pack the mystic stones Are there 25 of each mystic stone or is it a random box?
  10. -1 This event is stupid after all (my opinion bc fck RNG) Ignia wins anyways, we all get good stuff and thats all. So instead of whining go buy Ran more coffee to finally work on Nisha
  11. Tf nowhere was standing we need to change the title.. ;;