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  1. surprised no one suggested the tier list be on an exponential x/y scale bc some of these chars have upped the bar of stupid every time they are released
  2. Wish we could go back to the times when "milking chars" wasn't so egregiously easy now and those who think they're hot shit for playing such meta chars everytime the meta changes could be put in their place because they're just as shitty and average as they are in 2014 in the eyes of OGs
  3. KOG puts more effort into their irrelevant animes now instead of this game and its so sad
  4. Lmao I love how it says Yes (why) instead of no (why) I see you But honestly pvp these days is moved so far towards prioritizing resources/mana and i frames/freeze catches that its just so bland at this point. Its why most OGs have quit and those who were subpar in s2/s3 meta because they couldn't move/combo/catch off grazes as well are suddenly seen as some type of "pro" now
  5. I mean I voted but... Its like you think PvP in this game is still relevant
  6. Pardon me, but when was anyone "fun" to play in PvE at this point in the game; its just chug pot after pot and ejaculate one skill into the next yes that is so much fun <_____>
  7. I could type a whole essay on skills in general and how they are just one of the mere symptoms of KOG's incentive to buff/nerf chars to make money off of class change tickets as well as their declining morals/grasp of the game but I'll just leave it at how I still cannot fathom how KOG managed to screw Gungnir up completely edit: and for those of you getting excited for yet another "revamp", just grow up lmao nothing useful/substantial will happen, its sad how some of you still haven't realized this yet
  8. They have managed to always be off-center with rena and pretty much every older character nowadays who wasn't designed with mindless amounts of easy and/or designed with a specific feel in mind. I also feel Anemos/Twilight deserve to be looked at from a different lens than as a perspective from DyB. Having played all three renas now, I feel like, yes, Anemos and Twilight both do lack the inherent utility skills, as in, all their skills do relatively the same damage despite the size of boss etc. (this is the case for DyB the moment they fucked up Gungnir). Moreover, since Anemos and Twilight are more melee (moreso anemos, Twilight twigs are admittedly amazing for mp), I feel like they deserve more buffing moves or something. Ngl, but I find it distasteful when characters that are inherently melee suddenly are getting moves that technically put them in the ranged category skill-wise. You can have melee characters just as good as ranged characters without having to give skills that make them ranged. Honestly I also similarly found it mildly distasteful with the whole crit buff deal. Rena's problems are more systemic for example. Anemos and Twilight do not have moves for bossing, or to emphasize, moves that increase damage significantly based on size. Call of Ruin could have been that for Twilight. And they now took away Gungnir's bossing, rather than realizing the change above, which would have been much easier, would have also made Gungnir usable on Rosso. Ffs like even NB's Rain of Chaos does this, yet they failed to connect the dots. I guess I support the 30% crit buff at the end of the day, but along with 90% of the other "fixes" KOG makes, this is more of a band-aid rather than a healing measure. I see that as well. I found it amazing that KOG actually listened to ZERO, because he was actually taking suggestions from his youtube comments, which were international. Regardless of how problematic the whole NF change was, I still feel it was one of the most productive changes to a character in a very long time that at least, attempted, to address something systemic. I dislike, however, that rather than nerfing these new characters, KOG chooses to buff everyone else. They fail to realize giving everyone buffs and raising the bar everytime is exactly what contributes to the game needing more brokenness to compensate (like these new dungeons). In turn, they end up buffing more characters again. Its a cycle, and like many things, KOG fails to take a step back and see the bigger picture of things themselves, or as you said, "KoG no longer gives a fuck about analysing character balance themselves". My feelings on their community balancing are much more complex. I feel like if this idea was being done the right way, we would end up with more permanent and productive results, yet this has never felt like the case. Is it fair to guess that the KR community is just dumb? Because if they were having honest discussions about each character and its place within the cast, I doubt this process would be so inconsistent. KOG needs to pick only a handful of players to contribute to such important discussions. Which gets me back to my main point tbh, that only older players deserve to have their voices heard in such balancing discussions. Like just limit it to "x" users who have join date of 2013 or before? Is it really that hard KOG? They have continued to disappoint me time and time again. Which also gets me back to my other point: threads like this are inherently useless. Every few months someone basically comes up with a thread asking the same thing, and again, I see a culmination of some of the most selfish changes being asked for by players that are too new and inexperienced. What's even worse is that it feels like literally no one recognizes this and the answers each time are pretty much the same, just specifically dependent on the time we are in. Most of the answers and changes that are actually substantial and informed also are pointing to the same BASIC idea: KOG has lost the ability to thoroughly think. Like great job, you literally just made a thread on this, but when are players themselves going to actually take measures to make themselves get heard? ZERO was a prime example of what should be done. Not bashing the topic creator, but come on, while we writhe in this cesspool of another one of the handful of international forums that don't matter to KOG, we can imagine all we want, but nothing will get done unless we somehow bring the conversation to KR players like zero who actually have an effect with their opinion.
  9. First, only older players' opinions should be considered for such threads. If you haven't been playing for at least 5 years I assume you don't have a working idea of KOG's tactics. At this point if everyone takes a step back and look at the bigger picture of this game (which only older player have the ability to do), many versions of skills and system at their fairest/balanced/prime actually existed in the past by now (this applies to many characters pre-ara). We can call for buffs/nerfs all we want, but we have to realize that it makes much more sense to revert to an older version of a skill and then ask for add-ons then start calling for completely abstract buffs and changes. This also makes everyone's ideas much more streamlined and the same rather than everyone being all over the place. Ex: Gungnir--Skill should have been reverted to its previous state, however instead of a blast when a spear makes contact to the ground upon aiming release, the spears should convert the blast and its damage to an explosion upon contact as it travels down through the monster to the ground. This way, a monster in air would receive the same damage as monsters on the ground. This fixes the problem of gungnir damage being inconsistent between monsters on a top ledge vs the ground, which is what KOG was trying to fix but ended up fucking over the whole OG skill over instead. NF System- Literally just return it to the first version, with hitstuns on actives, but remove the hitstuns on launches/KDs, so rena still has launches. Her hitstun was already atrocious. Same thing for her speed; the first version of NF never affected Rena speed--in fact, for all you new players that don't know, rena's base speed (going off of previous, NOT first version of NF system), at 0 bars, was silently nerfed to account for the speed buffs the (I think) second version of NF had. This means her normal speed, which I definitely felt, was moreso equivalent to 3~4 bars of NF. When they removed the speed buffs of NF, yes, KOG finally made rena's speed constant again, however it is slower than what it was upon when she was released. I do not think KOG buffed her base speed back when they took away the NF speed buff. Also, the critical damage buff was never needed, all she needed was buffs on her skills. Secondly, anyone suggesting anything less than a complete rework and overhaul of at least 50% of the cast in the game is already wrong. There are too many changes that have been made to characters. There has to be a standard to be set constant for all characters on a fair scale. This needs to start with the analysis of new characters post-chung (so starting at ara), whose mere existence literally raised the bar of broken. This is no surprise because post-chung is when KOG realized making every new character more systemically broken was gr8 marketing (and horrible for the actual game. Ex: No, Ara should not be having the fastest base melee attack speed while also simultaneously having the longest melee range and airwalk. No, double manapools should never have been a thing (Add, Ara). Third, this is such a horrible topic. Every inexperienced newer player is just going to be calling for buffs of their main without looking at the game as a whole.
  10. I never lost anything since I've gotten everything through in-game methods and it was a year ago also I feel like if you used to be rich and still kept playing afterwards then you probably were going to be rich again even if you lost tickets since you probably had your methods It is what it is.
  11. I'm hip @Nesif I've been done with Evac for a long time now. Ik KOG could give us something much more useful, or why can't I get my damage red. passive back? Also not the worst passive but this is still such a useless shit passive why do we need to use 450 mp for a weak ass buff that lasts for 10 fking seconds lmfao, and its just flat out useless in pvp
  12. Guys wasn't there supposed to be a treasure chest rotation or am i missing something ?
  13. They should've tacked the vanilla/beans/mats on the apink quests and maybe make it selectable reward rip
  14. This event is cute and the background music in elder is sublime but is there really nothing for pvpers ?