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  1. deleted field + field rest area dungeon gate + the ost
  2. Well i dont know u very well tho but take care! Thankies for the giveaways, have a nice life xD see ya, and happy new year ~
  3. How many an hour roughly? 90 - 100ish Which dungeon(s)? Debrian Drop Rate Medal and/or Drop Rate Sockets? Nope
  4. He said either story or normal mode tho.. story mode isnt that hard..
  5. why login when staff havent annouce anything
  6. sujk

    hey! sorry i wasn't able to get back to you about getting my prize. i wasn't able to check forums until now!
    either way, i got it! and thank you a lot! ; v ;

    1. Sil


      No problem xD i've checked your entry and there's you IGN c: thanks for participating anyway !!

  7. Yes! See you again sometime! c:
  8. xD yeah its killing me, see ya! Thanks! See ya c: You too c: Ur welcome and bye bye ^^ Yeah, goodluck for you too! See ya
  9. thanks! you too c: see ya!