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  1. And now the beginer costume also changed so now how should I get the animation suite?
  2. will we have the unlimited one in the future?
  3. So how to get 'My Friend Gurumi' which is not time limited
  4. There are 2014 ELS summer suits in IM but no LuCeil's (Rose's and Ain's still not finish yet ). And there was no old swimming suits in 2018 summer event. So we can only see them in IM when Rose's and Ain's on sale in KR serve?
  5. Even we can have re-sale when a new character update, for example, all the other characters' lovely winter and motions on sale again together with Laby's. Even it's still time limited, it's better than no re-sale.
  6. Please tell me why voice switch between KR and NA but not KR and JP...
  7. If we don't I think I have to buy them in official server I don't want to miss them...
  8. Because busy for exam these days.......I just opened the game, bought them, closed the game and go to review. And u know it's ok to keep them in "purchased items" although they were off sale in official serve so I didn't know this will happened...
  9. Thank youAnd I loooooooove Karamatsu Thanks for your suggestion I'm posting a same topic in support
  10. I will post this problem in support...Thanks for your suggestion
  11. I bought them before the 10/21 maintenance and left them in my shop bag. But after the maintenance their icon disappeared and I cannot took them out!(As the picture shows) Dear GM/GS please I need your help to save my Maru and Corgi. I really need them...QAQ