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  1. If nothing happens, try contacting Void themselves. There isn't much we can do for you.
  2. Void has also been working on pushing out the update. Just give it some time and try doing it again.
  3. Are you sure it was sent to that email? They could've changed the email or something.
  4. I wish you good luck c:
  5. Just wait until everyone is done downloading. I have fast internet myself (plus a nice gaming desktop) and I started exactly when the thing came back up online and I'm only at 7%. I'd suggest waiting until tomorrow so it's not as hard on your internet.
  6. You need to download it from the new forum post they made. It will not work otherwise.
  7. Probably not. It's probably only the renewal stuff that's so big, plus the new raid boss phase.
  8. It's as I said above. My friend & I are currently looking for a guild for us to join. They're new characters but we've decided to start new, as we got tired of maining Aisha since Void came out. I'm a level 31 NW & she is a level 24 CE. As stated before, these are new characters & we'd love to join a guild that's active, crazy, fun & friendly ♥ Thanks in advance! ♥ EDIT: WE HAVE FOUND A GUILD! Thank you to all who offered~
  9. Um, my friend and I can join in on the leveling helping o/ I'm a +8 CrA and he is a +8 DiE We also have a +8 EM that can sometimes help us If anyone needs help, just message me o/ We also don't charge anything o vo We do it for free for however long.