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  1. Hello, I'm Lure - one of Void's moderators - in-game name: Seme (formerly also known as Luriel, Bundesmutti, character Eve) As of today - I'm no longer part of Void's staff. And with this thread, I'm also taking my leave of Elsword. As for the reason: I applied with the intention to help - I never expected receiving EC as a reward. I stayed with the intention to help, because I truly enjoyed the job. I had fun giving out warning points, locking people's dumb threads and doing rulebreaker reports. But if you do a thing too many times, it gets boring. I can't force myself to keep going even with the reward - I have barely played the game for the last.. 2 years? I don't enjoy the game anymore. I no longer have friends, no guildmates. I only logged in to dress up and look at my character - but still, there was no one to appreciate my bOMBASTIC fashion sense.. except for myself. I forced myself to play from time to time, hoping that my interest would rise again but that never happened. - Tl; dr: I have lost interest in Elsword. Therefore, after 4 years, it's time to move on. - I don't have anyone to give a shoutout to except the staff. They're a good bunch. Stop hating on them, fuckeronis macaronis. - Saying that, I wish every single of you luck with everything you wish to do in the future.. woud be a lie. Thefore, I wish and hope for every player of this server to become a civlized member of the society with a heart of gold. Don't do drugs, respect females, respect males on the same level as females, don't tell a staff guy to kill himself just because he denied your ban appeal, watch some cat videos and enjoy life. Thank you for reading this (if you did). Sbohem!
  2. Lure

    kpop guilds?

    I have moved your thread to the correct section. Looking For Group -> Guilds The 'Looking For Group' forum section is for dungeon parties. There are a lot of k-pop fans on Void, I am sure a guild will show up - good luck!
  3. Keep in mind that you're allowed to bump a thread only once every 24 hours or by the time it reaches page 3 of its section, whichever occurs first. Do not excessively bump the thread.
  4. Do not excessively bump the thread. You're allowed to bump a thread only once every 24 hours or by the time it reaches page 3 of its section, whichever occurs first.
  5. The rules are stated clearly. If you do not follow them, you will be disqualified. And yes, as the player above said - except for weekly events, you can still joing the next monthly contest whether you have previously won or not. The prizes are sent out within 2 weeks, if you haven't received your EC by that time, please contact me or any of our moderators.
  6. Refrain from excessively bumping the thread. You're allowed to bump your thread only once every 24 hours or by the time it reaches page 3 of its section, whichever occurs first.
  7. Void will not change Bluhen's name. Feel free to suggest this to KoG though, I'm pretty sure the official server has a section for suggestions on their forums!
  8. Heyo mayo Esona, welcome to VoidElsword and its forums. Hope you're having a good time on our server. I would love to play with you, unfortunately I both suck and lag :). If you would ever have any questions, do not hesitate to ask by creating a new thread. Happy gaming!
  9. can we talk about @Structure awesome creations i mean look at this custom consumable mmm, you'd almost want to eat this 2d LEMON CHEESECAKE and this SWAGgy skill-cut in of Ran MMM
  10. Heyo mayo! Welcome to Void Elsword, Luta. I am a fan of Chinese Web/Light Novels also. Mostly using to read. It is sometimes very hard to keep up with all the long Chinese names haha.. OT: If you would ever have any questions about the game or our server, do not hesitate to ask by creating a new thread. Hope you'll have a good time here & hope we can meet in-game also, happy gaming!
  11. Please do not post on threads that have been inactive for over two weeks, as it is necroing and against our rules. Kindly check the date of the last post before replying. I will have to lock this thread.
  12. Here you go:
  13. It is discouraged. Videos with copyrighted music may be blocked in some countries and we wouldn't want that. I'd recommend to change the pitch of the music by using a software like Audacity, if that's the case :).
  14. Yes, it is - you can take a screenshot with anything in it as long as it fits the theme. The theme doesn't even require you to take a screenshot of a Hyperactive. The theme is simply Newfound Power :).
  15. Wow, your profile picture is adorable :D. Hello and welcome to Void Elsword and its forums! I hope you will have a good time here. If you ever need help with anything game/forum related, don't be afraid to ask by creating a new thread!