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  1. i think there was a skill Blade Master or Sword Taker once had "Flying Cutter" good times
  2. i hope we can get the frog suits again i really want one
  3. being able to use lvl 40/lvl 60 A rank pvp gear as pve armor good times
  4. being the last in top 10 i can say that gear isn't everything, (+9 elrianode/+10 void from events) npcs are a thing though
  5. i actually had to buy gear just to do pvp i actually had to farm a void weapon just to do pvp i actually had to job change just to do pvp i actually had to buy a title just to do pvp current meta is just buy a sacri and tank honestly there isnt any skill or effort in that and for the most part its whoever plays a broken path that can just spit out damage (like domi starfall) gear obviously plays a big part as well but for the most part if you have a sacri it never matters as much anyway 1v1s usually filled with people who are from a different country or have a 3 sec delay 2v2/3v3 is sacri CoC etc usually killed by myself my partner or some other people i know events never seem to revive pvp and people wont be changing any time soon
  6. Macaron, we need to talk some day. 

    1. Mana


      You know where to find me. 

  7. Well other than the video not even being a valid link, I personally think people use it to KD someone who gets too close.
  8. Who needs to share a title when all people do nowadays is hack them in lol.
  9. I love how we're some of the ones to get banned, and meanwhile we still have people walking around with all NPC titles, Reaper, OOR ect, as well as hacking in ereda and pvp.
  10. Welcome to BanSword forums. :^)