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  1. And again shitty Yaksha ... yeahh...
  2. *pour coffee in a thermos* Take all my coffee (and money) and rest well my lord.
  3. Now gimmie Nisha Awakening hair and I can be happy *^*
  4. Any news as to when we can start updating (not playing, UP DATE ING) the game ? c:
  5. All hail Lilu. PRESS " c: " TO PAY RESPECT.
  6. -Insert no ETA meme- Me : You asked ?
  7. Lmfao i'm dying everyone thinking 2.6 is around the corner.
  8. Please take my money and i'll give you coffee.
  9. Bump. Might be nice to get an explanation from the so called "staff".
  10. Please Show me all of those costumes for Ara :3
  11. Ah que coucou. 

    1. Chapitre


      Ah que voila '-'