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  1. PvP was recently added into PSO2 where it's solely for fun and there is nothing to be gained from it. Keyword: fun
  2. "a good game will cater to both pve and pvp" Making a valuable resource such as S+ Stones not an example of a "good game" catering to both aspects of it's player base. Rather than constantly egging on the fact you desire S+ Stones solely for PvP mains to have an increased income over PvE mains is just making it blatantly obvious you want PvP mains to have a strangle hold on a fairly important part of the resources for both PvE and PvP like when +8/9s were fairly valuable when the exchanged was introduced and PvP mains raised the prices of them due to their monopoly and ability to obtain them at a faster rate than PvE mains. Elsword is not a good game. Void is not catering to both PvE and PvP from how recent events have transpired and it's unfortunate that people who are easily upset over such minuet things now a days. Rather than having an OP who makes a poll and a poorly suggested reason to have S+ Stones exclusive to PvP mains why don't you, and fellow like-minded individuals make a real suggestion to make PvP a more benefiting experience for those who wish to participate in it?
  3. The whole game is focused on PvE as the PvP is a side of the game that is optional and not required to do to properly gear your character. If Void could somehow introduce the ability for PvP mains to craft their own SD gear then that's fine, but being able to craft Heroic or Raid gear? That would go against the whole point of PvE. "the whole forum swarms with pve mains" Yet ERP was gutted in favor of PvP to suit the needs of the apparent "few" instead of the "majority", but sure whatever you say. You want easier access to S+ Stones? That's perfectly reasonable. Do you want the ability to craft your own SD Gear via current PvP Exchange, but with a more reasonable cost? That's fine too. But to desire Heroic Gear and Raid Gear to be craftable via PvP would be overdoing it considering the amount of effort required to obtain these things as it is.
  4. The same could be said about the opposition, but why do you deflect rather than answer a question? If all you can do is say "pvp mains deserve x because pvp mains shouldn't have to do y" then why is it fair for PvP mains to have a major monopoly on a valuable resource that they'll end up hoarding and selling for a price higher than the current one? Look at your own polls, they're 3 (Yes) to 24 (No) clearly you've yet to grasp the inane points you and everyone else in favor of S+ Stones being a PvP exclusive comoditiy has been trying to somehow prove to be rational and fair.
  5. Why does that matter, you're not answering the question. If you're being carried by your friends then why bother to PvP at all if you solely want to make money? You could bypass having to bother with PvP by just going into Spar and fighting it out with some friends or other randoms and still make more than enough ED to sustain your needs.
  6. "I've made nearly 1b in three days while playing PvE." Then what's the problem with doing PvE if you can bypass weeks upon weeks of grinding out salt and AP for S+ Stones when you can buy almost ten S+ stones per three days if you can maintain an 1b average profit?
  7. I feel like this whole discussion was just baiting both PvP and PvE mains. Can't you people discuss something important like, oh I don't know, maybe fixing existing content to reflect on the new server and current state of the game rather than pull some tug-o-war scenario? God knows the Hell Burners, Custom Exchanges and ED Gain are at an all time low.
  8. No, no surely EC is not a problem for PvP mains. They're the ones who spend all the money, right?
  9. Because while ERP takes time and effort to build up in PvE it's certainly easier to get an RoF as a PvP main. Just speculation though.
  10. I miss 1LD, he would surely spice up this shit flinging festival of an update. Surely, right?
  11. Are you seriously just coming on after being absent just to defend ERP nerfs because you felt the need to back up your PvP home boys? "experienced ip player" t.+11 ip main
  12. I haven't seen any evidence that ANYONE on the staff cares about PvE, but sure let's just go ahead and play make believe and assume they do because we're all white knights, right?
  13. I refute any recent and all further statements you will ever make due to my superiority as a PvP main and not because I'm a shallow sub-human secondary who can't accept the fact that not taking the player's opinions on crucial matters is not my duty as a PvP main! Fun Fact: Three out of the four Game Sages are in the same Guild. The same PvP focused Guild. The Guild called Mythos.