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  1. change this profile pic for the love of god

  2. In my opinion, I feel like the option to kick people out should still be there, especially for cases where people intentionally leech or slow the rest of the party down (as in not running towards the crystal door when there are no mobs left, etc.), but it really is unfortunate when people abuse said system, but I guess those are the cons that come with features like this. I myself used to experience this so I could relate to this. I myself only kick people if they either are 1. Afk, or 2. Intentionally stall the party without reason.
  3. Welcome back Kai, it's Cyclic my dude.
  4. Interesting update. Didn't think we'd have an update on a Wednesday.
  5. I'm just wondering, are we getting an ED burner rotation anytime soon or nah?
  6. Seems like pretty nice maintenance.. o:
  7. Dreamwind - Air Pocket I've also heard from someone that you can't MW 2017 Winter Casual Ver.3, so add this as well.
  8. Well I guess I'm a Mad Paradox now. xD
  9. Flying around the world sounds fun. Enjoy your life. 3. 9 IGN: Cyclic
  10. Add's naked shirt is nice indeed. I think I saw someone able to MW something to Add's naked shirt in KR.
  11. No Void recolour IBs have an Ain set for them, so it doesn't matter.
  12. Like 1 mil right now. Not even kidding.