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  1. Yeah, for some reason when I made a new post it told me that i had special characters i couldn't use. Thank you !
  2. umm for some reason i submitted my entry twice and each time i edited my post it would pop up as invisible ; ;
  3. Even though the cube has a chance of getting a +9 to +11, i know with my RNG im probably going to get a +5 Amulate cause luck, yay. (evenifitsnotpossibletogeta+8anddown)
  4. geankgaeklgae Wait is that MF wings for Aisha? If it is can I have that instead? I've been looking for someone to sell the Blue ones for the longest freaking time. My last wishlist consisted of Either LoW or SC Weapon but I'll change it to those MF Wings if possible ; u ; Ign: Lifted ~ ♠
  5. I may not know you but I wish you the best of luck if you do move to another game or for life decisions, IrecommendGCMCoughCough But May I get Aisha LoW Weapon or CS Weapon, I'm using the temp Ib Weapon.. ripembarrassing but goodluck!
  6. when it says you lost before the match even started and then ends up losing like 6%
  7. Did the last designer event have something to do with school and blush reactions or
  8. ForumName: "SnuggleMe" ❝ SηυggƖєMє ❞ CharacterName: MEECO Category I want to participate: #1,#2&#3Wishes for Cat.#4: Titlee~ Tyyy for the eventttt
  9. Just because of Kim Taehyung <33

    1. Taehyung


      yeees what a cinnamon roll <3

  10. Dul

    Hi. :^)

    Welcome Meeei~ <33
  11. ign: Meeco Umbrella check... surfboard check..bathing suit check and all ready to go. Plus sliced watermelon because I get hungry.. Extra~: