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  1. i’ve been playing nonstop all day only 80 frost shards
  2. i can't take this endless grinding with 0 drops, oh my god.
  3. even if they’re tweaking it, we’re gonna deal with this lag for a whole week and i feel death
  4. no frost shards dropping, the server is in horrible lag... happy holidays, everyone.
  5. i can’t reply from mobile directly BUT i agree with that someone said... make the +10 weapon only... then you can make it as a free gift like last year @VoidEls a word from officials would be nice, so many of us keep throwing suggestions or giving feedback without answer
  6. sujk

    make frost shards tradeable

    sleeping on those who says it’s to buy others work rng is a heck and it would be at least fair to be able to makeup for bad rng getting the materials from someone else tradeable materials have happened in past events and it was good zzzzz
  8. also, i think the apink quests should have the frost shards too, not just the pvp quests. at least 1.
  9. i feel like if you guys decide to fix the rates, you shouldn’t wait an entire week to do so, and do it as soon as you can it is absolutely hell if you keep these horrible rates up for a week @VoidEls
  10. sujk

    make frost shards tradeable

    lmao it’s still working if it’s spending ED you worked for past events had this and it was good in case of time constraints or stuff (especially with how pvp mains have an advantage here) so it’s best not to say rude shit like that if you don’t know lol
  11. sujk

    make frost shards tradeable

    i remember tradeable materials for past summer and easter events that was a good time