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  1. sujk

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    i hope next week we get a MW update cus holy heck there’s a lot that needs to be there like labys dungeon drops and corrupted accessories
  2. sujk

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    it's just a visual bug but. [carries elesis' MR face like a purse] this happens when you hide costume and preview eyes then show costume.
  3. sujk

    [Weekly] Void's Designer

    Raven is Pink for Laby! With a new friend coming soon, he'd like to make her feel welcome. Everyone is pink for Laby! IGN: Kideji
  4. sujk

    Valentine's Event

    we’re already at february 5, it ain’t happening yall
  5. +1. i think they should be rotated once in a while. ~
  6. with the strawberry milk dance~ yes i loved that event and that was even after a christmas event... and halloween event... then after valentines we had spring and summer events i miss those days
  7. could care less about the rotation, I WANT THAT NEW CUTE ASS POSE.
  8. it's mostly bandwaggoned hate or hating because she's not from elsword, but DFO. i personally love her, she's cute.
  9. sujk

    Latin guilds?

    entra al juego y checa con myu, pícale en guild ad y pon einsatz, ahí saldremos y puedes dejar tu aplicación.
  10. sujk

    Latin guilds?

    únete a Einsatz, somos PVE y buena onda. ayudamos para lo que necesites. tenemos discord también.
  11. sujk

    The Best/Strongest Players in PvE

    as long as i can keep oneshotting with frost barrage i’m happy i don’t reslly pay attention to the pve ending scores
  12. sujk


  13. sujk

    Pop Vs Rock (Event) [In progress]

    yes yes yes