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  1. +1 i’ve had to open hundreds one by one, it’s so stressful lol
  2. sujk

    Opening cubes

    while good in theory, this would definitely cause bugs if you don't have enough space (i.e. items disappearing.)
  3. oh hey, my suggestion. c: yay. also i love that i can now get the other study sit, bless.
  4. give speka's outfit pls
  5. here's how it breaks down over there. it's all rep but divided into the reactions. compared to void's. same thing, basically.
  6. it’s not for more emojis learn to read 5head
  7. i'm part of another forum that uses the same forum engine void does, and i was wondering if instead of playing "likes", we could have reactions. maybe your basic "like, love, laugh, wow, angry" or maybe have some of void's emojis as reactions to posts.
  8. seeing latinos fight. i'm latino so i know what's going on and it's always the stupidest shit.
  9. when laggers cause my frost barrage to not insta-clear the next stage because we won't advance due to their l a g .
  10. Aisha's Summer Look! ITEMS USED IGN: Sujk