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  1. bruh why do you keep talking about yourself in third person
  2. the kick system sucks. cause it doesn't work. i'll choose to kick someone and we'll go through like 2 sub-levels and they won't get kicked, and make it to the boss. it's annoying.
  3. sujk

    Forum Themes

    i just want a dark theme for forums.
  4. el masters face off. team daddy solace.
  5. it is hard for me to read tones of voice cus (as stated i’m autistic) so yeah sorry it sounded weird to me how you say that but yeah it is cause of what’s said around here but i still had fun with my entry regardless EDIT: i’m dumb and saw my answer to a question up there nvermind
  6. what the fuck is your problem buddy just cause lots of people in this forum and community take it as a joke or insult, that’s why but sure be pressed and mention me about it
  7. yay! my raven's elrianode can be built now with the beginner pack. thanks for a fun event guys.
  8. why're you always so pissy to me omfg who tf even are you. i don't say to move it to quest... i'm saying cus other quests in "event" give the event material, but that one doesn't, which doesn't sound fair. of course it's just my, heeey, FUCKING OPINION, like the OP title says, "thoughts". i'm not even suggesting a change, just stating my thought. kindly fuck off, lmao!
  9. you don’t understand what i mean. i don’t say use apink and remove rng drops or result screen. i mean include that quest with the others. like in last event, all other apink quests got event materials like the ereda or pvp quests but not the pve one. read correctly. i mean to include that one too, not have it replace anything.
  10. i'd like it if i can get more materials.
  11. well, they should use it again. the rest of the apink quests give event materials, the one for dungeon clearing should too. i liked it.