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  1. Stability Maintenance The server is currently going down for a stability maintenance. We have decided to do these sort of maintenances every other week in order to resolve lags and other issues that might occur. There is no ETA, so please be patient. These maintenances are necessary to keep the server stable.
  2. When I played Elsword for the first time you only had Elsword, Aisha and Rena's first 2 job paths available. Got baited into Rena and went for the Wind Sneaker class because she looked the most badass. It was so much fun with the combos and kicking players in PvP (e.g Nature's Force + Low Kick + Back Kick + Sharp Fall) to the point they cried salt all over it. I regret nothing, Wind Sneaker was amazing and fun to play.
  3. No, the previously released costume boxes from events and the ED burner are not updated with Laby.
  4. Works flawlessly for me, are you sure you're doing it correctly?
  5. It's indeed the one Dream pointed out. The accessories that are sold in the item mall have been fully added to the Magic Wardrobe. However, there's still a lot of old IM sets missing that will be gradually added too.
  6. My apologies for the heavy delay in giving a response. I've checked it out and it looks like there's 2 versions available for this Starry Ski Mask item. One that contains stats and goes up to Laby and one that is statless and goes only up to Ciel. I assume the one you're talking about is the statless version that appears invisible on Rose, Ain and Laby (due to lacking their models on the item). Thank you for pointing it out, I've added it to the list of things to fix for the upcoming update!
  7. #Suggestion Declined We do not have the Shavianna Truffles IB set available for now. The rotation will contain whatever is available and functional for all characters (including Laby).
  8. Every item (except for the Adapt Elixir) in the pouch should be bankshareable.
  9. Have you tried pressing F5 inside the launcher? That should refresh it if it didn't automatically update yet.
  10. Yes, Naeun's temporary IB exchange has been fully updated and goes up to Laby. But Laby's 2nd promo costume is not in Naeun though? Only base, base v2 and her 2 1st job paths (Sparky & Twinkle Child). Laby is adorable, but Rena and Ara are still my #1.
  11. The contents in all the level up cubes remained the same except for the minor changes mentioned (costume in lv.1 cube, the IB cubes exchange, removal of the Secret Technique Key and Symbol of Transcendence accessory) Well... I said that it won't be ready for Valentine's day (the 14th) so I technically didn't lie