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  1. 1.) Most likely won't be possible. Eye/Customization =/= Accessories 2.) This one is impossible. Tried to implement it before, it bugs out completely with no way of fixing it.
  2. It's not a ''I'm lazy, lets just money grab and do nuthing!'' kind of situation like you claim it to be. There's no reason to have an attitude towards this issue - It will be fixed in due time, but it takes time to go manually over the 10+ recolored IBs we have. It's not that we snap our fingers and voila, it's fully fixed and working. I have to go over every single recolored IB, every single character individually (8 to 10 pieces per character), figure out what went wrong with the individual broken piece, try to apply a fix for it, test out whether it's working now and if not - what's the next fix we can apply, retry it all over till it works. So yes - It takes time and I'm sorry that I can't do it in an instant like you expect us to.
  3. staff

    #Thread Locked
  4. We do not restore characters - Once it's deleted, it's deleted.
  5. Ehm... we pretty much weren't expecting them to revamp IBs, so how exactly does this apply to the situation? I suggest to not accuse anyone of anything without knowing the truth. We probably can do something with the old models, but like I've mentioned before, things take time and there's a lot of custom IB recolors that I have to fix.
  6. We will not be redoing the timer event as we've put all the details in the thread and specifically mentioned it will end on the 14th.
  7. ''Blessed Fluorite'' It says it in the name... it's about a different exchange and not the one you're referring to (Blessed Ore).
  8. #Locked upon request
  9. #Thread Locked
  10. Will see what I can do, need to test out the accessories first before I can do anything with them. If they are fully fine I'll make sure to add them to Ariel's shop, just like the other job accessories.
  11. I'll do my best to get it done for our next content update~ Should it be added to Ariel's shop or somewhere else?
  12. It's tough indeed, but it's worth it in the end~