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  1. VoidEls

    Hey gamers

    ^ This Warning point has been issued. Please make use of our official Spam Thread instead of other/the wrong sections.
  2. VoidEls

    ED Shop Suggestions

    #Thread Locked
  3. VoidEls

    Increase max characters limit on accounts

    ^ This #Thread Locked
  4. VoidEls

    [11/1/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Try using a VPN temporarily while letting the launcher patch. It's possible that it's cached and unable to provide you the new koms because of that.
  5. VoidEls

    [11/1/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Have you tried to click on the "Repair" button in the Void launcher? This will verify your files and provide the right koms if any of them are mismatching (such as the data036 and data041 errors).
  6. VoidEls

    ITs finish restart server please

    The server is back online. My apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused!
  7. VoidEls

    [11/1/18] Update Discussion Thread

    No, the server is online and the update thread has been updated to online as well. My apologies for the confusion!
  8. VoidEls

    [11/1/18] Update Discussion Thread

    In addition, please keep in mind the following: - Channel 3 will no longer cause any problems when you try to identify your gear - The PvP rankings have NOT been updated - This will happen during the next maintenance!
  9. VoidEls

    [11/1/18] Update Discussion Thread

    I'm doing well, feeling quite sleepy around this time of year haha. How about you? Don't really have a specific brand of coffee that I love the most. I drink about any as long as it's black coffee and not instant coffee, Starbucks or overall with stuff added to it haha. Ah RIP...
  10. VoidEls

    [11/1/18] Update Discussion Thread

    As far as I know any Photoshop version will do the trick to make gifs this way. Don't know about Elements, but you could look around for proper Element gif guides to see if the issues still persist during it (if you haven't already that is).
  11. VoidEls

    [11/1/18] Update Discussion Thread

    You can create such gifs via Photoshop (and I'm pretty sure there's other software that allows similar things). it's pretty easy and quick to make with silhouettes such as the flame or the lotus flower. Here's my way of doing it (there might be better ways of doing it, but I prefer this method personally); 1.) Go in-game and record the gif you have in mind 2.) Load up photoshop and enable the "Timeline" (via the "Windows" button) 3.) File > Open > Select the gif you recorded/made In addition, you could remove the unwanted parts from the gif in the timeline (not the actual layers) to reduce the size or to make it loop nicely 4.) Search around for a pattern you like, can be a border or a silhouette (such as the lotus and flame silhouette in the update thread) 5.) Once you have found the pattern or silhouette that's to your liking, you insert it as your first layer in your gif Photoshop file 6.) Select all the gif layers (pro tip: click the first layer of the gif and hold shift while clicking on the last layer of the gif), right-click and select "Create Clipping Mask" Now your gif is inside the silhouette of your choice. Move around the silhouette layer if it's not matching your gif properly. In addition, I tend to use "Inner Shadow" or "Outer Glow" on the silhouette layer to make the gif stand out a bit more. The PvP customizations are all fully tradable and can be bankshared, however the Champion's Token is untradable but can be bankshared.
  12. VoidEls

    [Ended] Limited IB Goodies Sale

    -- Limited Edition Item Mall Sale -- Sale Duration: 11/1/18 up to 12/7/18! Lotus Pet Package • Lotus (Adult) ** • Fruit from El's Tree (30 pieces) • Pet Pickup Aura ** Lotus comes with a build-in 15 days Pet Pickup Aura
  13. VoidEls

    [10/18/18] Update Discussion Thread

    <Chants> Ignia! Ignia!