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  1. But where do you find those sweet macarons in-game? We've addressed it, please check out Lilu's reply a page back.
  2. My sincere apologies for not getting back to you sooner, thought a fix got applied already but it isn't the case. You should be able to Magic Wardrobe your "Wild Hair (Reddish Brown)" hair piece after this week's maintenance (6/21).
  3. #Suggestion Declined We would love to release this set, but like others have pointed out it's a set that we don't have available for now. It might take a long while before we can, but don't worry, the moment it's available we will release it!
  4. #Suggestion Declined We're not going to unify all the weapons, it will stay individually per character.
  5. Thank you thank you~
  6. Server is still offline and not ready yet, but you can patch your client in advance!
  7. I couldn't resist~ Fabulous Add is fabulous!
  8. It's a very fitting name for the update, thank you for giving us the idea
  9. Would have been cool though. KOG, make it a thing!
  10. Like a bloody nightmare
  11. The maintenance will take place in a few minutes.