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  1. a friend told me that he was banned for apparently hacking because of one of crimsons (rose) skills lets her shoot backwards when hit from behind, and people called hacks lmao y so salty
  2. the event dungeon that is happening currently as im aware, in order to pass is to get 50 kills and above under two minutes, i get 65 kills and i still failed, does death des-qualify you from clearing the dungeon? i died once in one run and i still passed but when i die twice i fail the run although i went through the full 2 minutes
  3. as many of you know, the apink stand has a section on its change window where you can trade naeun jewels for some useful items. but is there a way to get these jewels through a quest or do they just pop up somewhere?
  4. for all i know, the way to gain ED in void is by doing quests and dungeon runs, but due to the summer event i would like to know the easiest way to gain good amounts of ED or at least what level to grind
  5. so im pretty sure that this question has been asked many times but since i don't know the answer either or haven't seen it, is void going to get the revamps after NA voidels is finished with its revamps? they're already on the last stage so im just assuming. another thought is will we get the english voices for the elgang on void? i know we got the Japanese voices but again, just curious.
  6. same thing is happening with my friend's launcher, each time he tries to open it, it says the same thing, all i can say is make sure your anti-virus isnt blocking the update or launcher other than that i cant say much because i have no clue
  7. So i was updating my friend's void on his laptop, and when the update was complete, i logged into my profile to show him my stuff. afterwards i quit the game to relogin into his profile. but each time i try launching the installer, it says its updating gameguard and three seconds later it tells me the patch download failed. at first i checked what was the problem and it wasnt norton, my friend's laptop was receiving internet, and the game was running well when i logged in earlier. but now it wont launch the game each time i open void. im thinking of reinstalling but im not sure if that will fix the problem. i looked around the forms to see if there was a solution but it was mostly gameguard error 304 related. my friend's laptop runs on windows 10, so any suggestions?
  8. not sure but its either of the two i mentioned, also the servers are packed so most likely the patcher service is coughing a lung
  9. mostly means maintince most of the time, give it ten minutes and if it does nothing then its maintince
  10. my launcher is at -1148% completion, should i leave it alone or restart my pc cuz its been patching for 5 hours now
  11. i dont see the new launcher inside the folders i downloaded, what am i suppose to do exactly? i already reccived Void_Install3 and the Client_V1.5Full folders but it doesnt contain any openable programs
  12. so do i delete the old launcher or do i just leave it alone
  13. whats the diffrence with the installer and full client download, i already had void before this update, do i have to get the full client or i should be fine with installer?
  14. hmm either its a big fuss with third party or massive update cant tell