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  1. +10 Code: Esencia I can't cutscene skip. can someone teach me, please? :c
  2. Elrianode Weapon Guard pretty please~?
  3. A MW with all the items in game, ED cap increase, Board Revamp, that juicy april fools event (the last one that NA got)+ dung , BETTER RNG FOR ME and obviously... 3rd jobs That's all i guess
  4. Try to upgrade my void weapon since im in stage 10 for like months, but with this 0 - 3 shard drops per run, kills my motivation to do so. Oh and also... GIVE ME A FUCKING +11FOR MY VOID WEAPON I WASTED MORE THAN $100 IN FLUOS AND I GOT NOTHING. GOD DAMMIT VOID GIVE ME WHAT I DESERV. That's all ❤
  5. So uh i beat my Record idk how it's just 2 sec tho but it's something :T
  6. I main Eve cuz Queen is bae ♥
  7. Or the easiest way to solve this is..... Allowing moding again, so we can any voices that we want..JP, KR It's so simple
  8. ELS Spring Rain Set Both Vers. (All Chars.) IDK if this set was suggested before, but im putting this anyway Vers.1 Vers.2
  9. What's a +11? I've wasted about +30k EC in Fluos And nothing,Even with BS lv10 and El Hammers, RNG Hates me Someone give a +11 Ammy
  10. LoW & MF since they haven't been brought for a long time :T
  11. Rhi


    1. Lambda


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