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  1. I like it. It reminds me of a Tales of game. If only there were skits, then there be more character interactions!
  2. Good luck on life, I guess! Just don't stress yourself out too much.~ RM Headress Lu Reasons: I kinda just, uh, would like more stuff to dress my Lu up with... lol. IGN: Berrymousse
  3. i want to protecc that smile!

  4. i just say hi if anyone says hi.
  5. I seem to have better luck with Ice Burners on Richter or Herrsher. My Bluhen is bad with them. Although he did +11 his weapon on the first try.... I got a 12% Dreimal Schwerttanz once. But its was Blue... I cried.

    This song fits Ain so well, tbh.

  7. Contest: Void ArtistTheme: Memory LaneDescription: Illustrate one of your favorite moments/scenes of the El Search Party's adventures following Ruben to Elysion (or Elrianode?).Additional Details: Nothing made up. Keep to the main story. Make sure to detail which part of the story you're illustrating. (Optional: and maybe why you chose that particular scene). Can be a comic, no more than two pages however.

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    2. Ashless


      aLIEz is pretty good, the lyrics are nicely done.

      Sore ga, Ai Deshou is calming but I like AmaLee when she let the quick rhythm  takes hold, as for "Do You Remember Love" :Ikr!

    3. Anessa


      Been listening to this a lot lately.

      Dima is also nice. (I also like his cover of "Namae wo Yobu yo")


    4. Ashless


      Already have it on the PC.

  9. hello tharr! i don't bite either! (maybe) ..and congrats~.
  10. Goodbye... ; u; Peat the Best.
  11. holy fuck your avatar is so pretty aaa

    where do you get your icons?

    1. Anessa


      google + tumblr lol..

      just search "chara name icons" =w=;;

  12. good bye and good luck ! here's to the road ahead!