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  1. youre not 1st anymore hahaha change your sign bitch hohoho


    Frost Maiden potions

    +1 That pie was fucking amazing

    What do you think of Arena/PvP on Void?

    not the same as it use to be but still playable if you've got the gear/class/skill for it
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      calling her too

      first pvp void player harassing me



      fuck you bitch

    4. KiraKiraKiraKira

    Petition to bring back Star rank

    1. as a pvp/pve main I'd like to know what you think "good competition" is in arena. regardless whether it creates a positive/negative incentive, it doesn't change the fact that there's little to no incentive to pvp to begin with. the pvp community just continues to shrink and queue is dead most of the time. I don't see how it'd create salt/toxicity aside from people joining spar rooms or something but what good is that if they're not known for being an actual good player 2. I can see your point here but I can't blame them for not agreeing with you on it. It was pretty bad way back when we did have star rank but the pvp community has changed a lot since then. I doubt people would really have to concern about it, especially pve mains. Worst case scenario you're blocking some person bragging about in a spar room 3. very true however it does get boring only fighting people in spar all the time. It's not that easy to gain reputation from spar alone. I've been in zenith for a bit and I've had my share of spending time fighting skilled people in sparring but it's just not as rewarding as arena. arena gives players a chance to really challenge themselves considering how unbalanced it could be when it's alive and get to know that feeling of beating people that severely outgear you. that's why you'll see even tourney players in it from time to time too. This topic has been addressed many times now and I'm sure it'll end up the same as before but I do like seeing the debates and arguments being made. I'll reiterate the fact that the pvp community has changed a lot from before and I can tell you that the people who still bother to do pvp and spend time grinding to the top of the rankings do deserve a shot at getting the rank if it's even possible at this point. It's your prerogative whether you think they deserve it or not and whether the means they took to get there are legitimate or not. (Don't see how it wouldn't be unless they were somehow hacking or straight up npc farmed the entire time.) you realize that a lot of these zenith/tourney players do arena as well and most of them are on the board rankings, they don't need void to give them star rank yeah its sad to see people brag about a lot of things but in the end it's a part of the game that's been out for a long time and it'd be nice to see if there was any way it could come back for a change :/

    Petition to bring back Star rank

    It would make a difference. It's a nice icon to have and it gives the people who still do arena something to works toward after reaching SSS. Doesn't matter if they deserve it or not, pvp has been unbalanced for who knows how long now. +1 but it probably won't happen, as ^ said theres been a lot of technical issues with it

    why you should tick gear option on spar

    it still kinda is like this ggs tho, these were fun. Should post our other matches too

    Share Your Stats! v2

    Stats and CP for my RH, pve obviously

    Sachiko tier list VoidEls 2.4

    cant shakti do that too though??

    Sachiko tier list VoidEls 2.4

    cringe why is MP in god tier?

    What's your Combat Power?

    +11 Stage 10 Wep, +9 Blue elrianode (No 2+ or 10% tears aside from 32% all skill damage) Sockets are mostly crit/maxi with a few skill damage ones. Halloween 5/5 helps a lot and I get about 611k with my LoW 5/5 on instead.
  12. dude chill lol, he probably didnt know talking about a speedrun bragging thread when he didnt even post any times himself