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  1. Carpal tunnel isn't worth getting for a few Raven tricks. Regardless, you build stamina the same way as with everything else, just keep doing it. And good luck with your flashy career, makes me sad looking at what pvp has become.
  2. Fair enough, missed that bit. Thanks.
  3. I thought Discord had nothing to do with forums/game? Seems rather silly to not let people join when it has been said countless times that whatever happens in Discord, stays in Discord.
  4. I can understand not wanting to show evidence for hacking as that is indeed something people would do if they want to keep hacking But for things like scamming for example, why couldn't they show evidence? If it's a video or whatnot it's not like the scammers can see that and find other ways to scam, afaik anyway And yes, I know they're not required to show anything there is a difference to me, one shows what exactly they're working on and can kind of gives us an idea if it's going to take long or not while the other, to me, says pretty much nothing more than just that they're active working on something that we don't actually know if it's big or not as that would be subjective imo I very much prefer knowing details on what's coming along so I can potentially prepare or be hyped about what's to come that is also a part of transparency for me, letting people know that something they're hoping for isn't coming or that they're doing something different, I would like that as for the "progress bar" in your example, it at least let's us know they're working on bugs and that they know what other bugs exist as a side note: I can understand it would also be kind of annoying to repeat what's to come over and over considering Void's updates are very far apart and changes don't happen very frequently well it means something to me and I can sort of try to explain what transparency implies to me can't really say in terms of other people
  5. Just existing can only be profitable for so long
  6. this is a thing? lmao transparency to mean has always meant the same thing, constant communication with the community on what to expect for the future and what they're working on when officials die, void will too shortly after there simply isn't much Void can do regardless even if you assume that they now have free reign over their coding and are no longer tied to future updates they simply have no staff, if it already takes idk like 6 months for KR to make an okay update with an actual team of most likely dozens of developers, what do you think void can do?
  7. void is very limited on what they can do as they said countless times, they are indeed bound by the same content officials receive, as they also stated before they can't cherry pick what to implement into the game with fear of it breaking something so I'd assume it goes both ways, they can't willy nilly implement whatever they want without it breaking something as well
  8. parabanhos lmao now that word is going to sound weird to me for a bit
  9. parabens enjoy your time as staff
  10. You're saying MMOs with large communities don't have a community manager?
  11. Don't exactly need staff acceptance to do this. What you need is for everyone to be accepting of someone to relay their messages to the staff. Nothing would change regardless, if the staff don't listen to the community what makes you think they'd listen to one person from the community, chosen or not.
  12. Please chill out, you're begging for a lock at this point.
  13. in both situations you're removing context so they're comparable
  14. by that logic pewdiepie is also a nazi