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  1. Name/Nickname:Hyun Age{Optional}:19 Gender{Optional}:Male IGN:Quickfly Class:Doom Bringer About you:I'm an absolute introvert xD, i'm also in university studying full-on BS biology then to medical school to become a doctor! Why would you like to join:Because i'd like to meet new people! Since this guild seems to have such nice peeps around :D.
  2. Thank you so much! I will do that for sure! :D
  3. I shall indeed enjoy. Thank you! :^)
  4. Hello there, not many people know me but either way it's fineee. Dang. So many stuff has changed and lots of new stuff, makes me pumped to try them out. So yeahh. I'm back after a long ass 4 year hiatus. And it's great to be back again!!
  5. Sorry to hear that and goodluck in whatever you do. Both communities are bad but you know.. that's how online gaming community goes. So, Best of luck mate.
  6. I don't really want them to bring back the old elsword. I just want their game to be decent. That's it, Fixing some skills, Nerfing some gear shit or whatever. As long as the whole PVP system is fixed. I'm returning. and those 2 minute matches. It was fine while it lasted but it doesn't really matter to me really.
  7. Yes. The salt is understandable and it doesn't affect me but.. the problem of which the whole PVP system is that it doesn't have no balance at all. Some characters are top-high level broken, Some are just really fucking weak. What annoys me about KOG is that they still did not put a mechanic which is separating skills for PVE and PVP. I don't think they will ever do that since they said that shit in Amazons video that they won't fucking do it ( For some reason ). I still like the fighting-combo system that this game has but... It makes me feel sad in how the game has become.
  8. Everyday in PVP is crisis dude.
  9. This is why i don't really make friends in online games and in social media, When you trust someone so much through the internet yet they backstab you after you gave that person your information, That's done and honestly, How would you ever trust that person in the first place when you haven't even met in real life, You're talking through the internet which basically means that any friend that you have that you met through the internet is known as a Stranger and you couldn't even tell where the person is located as well so that's another issue, That's the main reason why i don't make friends online or give any information, accounts, etc. EDIT : I understand about what happened and i do apologize about what happened but after that, Just be careful around the internet, Trusting people here is tough. Farewell person and Have a good day.
  10. Elsword is broken in general honestly.
  11. Have you ever read the Void rules? Because i don't think your brain understands what defaming is.
  12. Tendo


    Did you smash your head repeatedly on the keyboard?