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  1. Personally I think this way of doing them it's not a good idea, but we need to make shining stone with another method.. I would suggest something like : Every run on varnymir raid you get 1 ticket (raid excluded) and you can exchange them for shining stones like x10 Ticket (Choice) = 3 Red/Blue/Yellow shining stone x50 Ticket (Choice) = 3 Giant Refined Stone x100 Ticket (Random) = 35 Red/Blue/Yellow shining stone and 8 Giant Refined Stone. Also make these stones not tradeable so wont waste economy for the one are lazy to do them and they buy ditectly board. Aniway this was my suggestion. -1 For method you mentioned (because the small stones can be easy bought on board etc) +1 For a new method.
  2. Can we have this? Honestly Seecret Dungeon are great way for farm, but only when Alteresia and Lanox are open, Besma it's nice too but not that much profitable like the 2 earlier..
  3. +1, but I don't know if this can be done.. We had a "method" with 100m coins, but I have never understand they got removed.
  4. Farm with Treasure hunter. 4/4 gear with item droprate, 4/4 golden accessory, socket with item drop rate, some buffs like guild skill and promo, and per run on SD you can take 1.5~2m per run + TH drop + barrier fragment, more profitable if you also find a partner for luto. Make an alchimist and go craft pots, i've done 1.5b at the first day of event, only selling 300 rossou (5m ea) Reselling Try your luck on IB's Mysterius El Sphere Blacksmith (+10 service) Buy lot of powder and try to elrianode blacksmith to find something worth 1b +, (I had lucky with 1 stack of powder i found ASD *5 blue lel) And.. I don t know what else.. There are tons of way doing money, just search the one works for you.
  5. Old characters can obtain the new level cube?
  6. I agree with you, but 2v2 and 3v3 can be a little "playable" also with these quest maybe we can bring back PvP. Edited main post : Added x50 and x100 Ticket exchange. Adjusted x45 Exchange Added Ereda Island Quest
  7. Oh yeah, you're right I have forgot about it..
  8. I agree with you, seems like another mini-event, but it takes so muuuuuuuuuuch time before we get another event like this summer event, next one will be the christmas one, and we have to wait 4-5 months.
  9. Hi everyone, Since the summer event is about to end, voidels is about to be again bored and waiting for future updates.. I have planned a new ticket system (permanent maybe?) with daily, weekly and monthly quest's. I hope with that we can break the monotony. Daily Quest (x5 ticket) Weekly Quest (x10 ticket) Monthly Quest (x20 ticket) Exchange's for ticket's (C = Choice / R = Random) I would say these ticket's needs to be not bank shareable, for making +10 amulet requires 1 months. Maybe someone will not agree with +10 amulet, but to be honest, nowdays it's a must have for farming etc, and also can be done only 1 time per account and it's not tradeable so.. Also i have insert some old costume cubes on x35, i would also insert some other for Laby's but i don't wich one are in game for her, please tell me wich one to add. Hope you like it, tell me what you think about it!
  10. Personally i don't care which one is better, I agree with all. It's so unfair we can't get old IBs because are not yet avaiable for Laby, it's sad for main laby's but we can't exclude 10/12 char IBs just for one..