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  1. Don't worry. It was screenshot from previous week. Here is from this week: https://imgur.com/a/OG6uWK9 Also i got all skill damage gloves. About this week henir rotation: it surprised me how much el aspiration attacks hurt even in normal henir. And Herbaon in challenge, why he is allowed to use immunity practically without limit, half of fight was just toying with lasers. And double Dekals...
  2. insane healing like Metamorphy's energy absorption or BQ's shadow edge and all gale stuff is enough. https://imgur.com/wTrUZMY https://imgur.com/rW8rbIl well, for 83% that is... for now
  3. true, 51 min run and still 60% hp remains https://imgur.com/a/RHhuTc2
  4. Wait, what's this 3.5%x15+7%? Is this from mystic stones?
  5. I just done Drabaki with 2 other people. I had SS rank whole run but at the end i got hit by wave of meteors and it went down to E rank. Now i only regret that i didn't recorded it, because it was hilarious.
  6. My favorite SDs are Bethma and Altera. But now i only farm SD for magic stones that increase damage to boss monster
  7. Special weapon is rosso raid weapon with +9 or more. Nothing else. 420k cp +10 void/elrianode
  8. Void V1.8 september 8, 2016 LOL
  9. Yes, Heroic Dungeons were nerfed, now monsters have something like 1/3 original hp.
  10. Apsara 5:30 https://imgur.com/a/2gWSEXt stats: +10 void https://imgur.com/a/ae7s838 I will try faster when time of enlightenment will work
  11. I decided to post my old run with minimalist gear(average lvl 180)
  12. I hate that new passive in most case can be divided in two categories: 1)boost damage by 30~50% 2)useless
  13. I used: fatality, rage fungus, siege mode, eradication, butterfly, furious engage, evoke, briar trap and in trans slot phonix strike and call of ruin. Actually this was my first run at add energy fusion as NW, I think I could try to optimize this build.