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  1. Free dragon aura? What u mean? Dragon aura gives 20% critical damage ? What... oh from Dragonic lmao For a sec I thought of Aura of Black Dragon
  2. Well, It would be good make this server more strict. why not~ +1
  3. IGN

    ED donation event

    I like section B, just relocate prizes and also Idk a +11 scroll (not tradeable) would be interesting only for 1 person every month o: I would like that.
  4. 50$ ec code and its yours ~ Joke WHY YOU JUST DONT MOOD IT? WTF
  5. Really good, very simple, clean I don't really see any counter effect on this. (not any really big) This also will be super effective for the solo pve players, reapers runs, MoS runs and all those titles that are barely hard to get a party to farm them, Imo this would revamp voidels in a totally new way. +1 really good suggestion. Also would be easy to farm those titles that no one wants to farm them, example wind warrior (etc) the Splendors and would be good for the next dugeons of lv 80 too. 10/10 The PvE Suggestion of the Year.
  6. IGN


    Since 6/8/15 We haven't got any update... correct me if I'm wrong... .. '^ '...
  7. What is the deal with posting off-topic things? '^ ' we are basically talking about this "event" of trading the weapons or gear this is not something that they "cant" do due to it can be done with the actual files (trade a item for another item?)
  8. Well honestly, I do not think that they will get it because they would lose money and considering how greedy are people.. Lol good thing is that I play KR where the opinion of players count @-@
  9. IGN

    U kidding right?

    Not possible to dodge if you have 20% accuracy and more from passives, I do have 20% Evasion and Not everyone dodge many people just have 20% accuracy and "Dodge" does not appears. unless you be using skill notes as Euphe said.
  10. Hopefully.. still wondering If I should save a core or a pearl or not.
  11. 10/10 The suggestion of the year.